Wednesday, 27 November 2013

TOP event: International Volunteer Day 2013

TOP Event: International Volunteer Day 2013

As we all know true beauty comes from within,
TOP girls not only stay on top with the gorgeous outlook,
we stand out from the crowd with our big hearts shining through <3
Join us to participate in the International Volunteer Day 2013!

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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

TOP News : Vichy Xmas Sets 2013

TOP News : Vichy Xmas Sets 2013

When i first met Vichy, it was because of a little pharmacy behind selfridges in London. I discovered this brand's super good concealer for scars, and eventually branched out trying other products. I always say christmas is a great time to explore new brands, so let me show you some superb value sets for Vichy's xmas 2013!

I'm translating this from the Chinese press release, so it might not have the direct product name, but you get the rough idea. 

Thermal Water Spa Sleeping pack set 500hkd
*the Aqualia Thermal Spa sleeping mask (75ml) alone sells for 270hkd*
Thermal Water Hydrating Set 470hkd

Serum 10 Set 550hkd
Deep Cleansing Pore Balance Set 300hkd

Whitening Set (Target spots) 400hkd
*this set contains a 30ml serum which the set below doesn't have*

Whitening Set (General) 270hkd

BB Cream set 280hkd

Any girls out there hoping to try Vichy this xmas? Now is a great time!

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Sunday, 24 November 2013

TOP News : Bare Minerals Xmas Sets 2013

TOP News: Bare Minerals Xmas Sets 2013

Bring on The Night 8 piece Mineral makeup set (580hkd)
This set includes :  Late Show eyeshadows, Queen Phyllis Matte highlighter, The Daydream Powder, Ready Beauty Cheek Color, Glamorista Lipgloss and a 10in 1 mascara, plus a small face brush. You can change your whole makeup bag and give it a fresh look with one great kit!

Brush with Splendor set (330hkd)
it includes, a mini flat edged liner brush, mini tapered blending brush, mini flawless coverage face brush and mini soft sweep cheek brush.

Crystallized Mineral makeup set (580hkd)
This eight piece set includes, #steam eyeshadow, #The Magic Word Ready Mineral eyeshadow, a dark charcoal eyeliner powder, 10 in 1 mascara, #Golden Gate Radiance Contour, #Break Away lipgloss and #hypnotist lipgloss, and a double end eye brush

Ready Convertible Eyeshadow (450hkd)
The beauty of this twelve colour eye shadow palette is that you can split out three for "on the go" party moments, it is perfect for those small clutches which all of you would be carrying this xmas to your parties!

Smoky & Sultry Eye & Lip set (330hkd)
it includes #sultry, #cherry coco truffle eyeshadows, eye shadow brush, lengthening mascara, and a #temptress lipgloss

Ready to go makeup/xmas shopping girls?

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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

TOP News: Yamada Miyura Royal Jelly Series

TOP NEWS : Yamada Miyura Royal Jelly Series 

Two posts back we discussed Guerlain's Royal Jelly colelction (right here to review..)and recently, another Japanese Brand Yamada Miyura has launched a series based on the luxury ingredient, Royal Jelly. Yamada Miyura has been well known for their dietary help tablets and powders, and now see them branching into skincare. In this range it includes :
RJ Cleansing Cream (HK 285/100g)

RJ Washing Foam (HK195/100g)

RJ Essence (HK880/30ml)

RJ Serum Care Mask (price tbc)

I think it would be great if you are interested in Royal Jelly, but is not ready to splurdge a fortune on trying it.
These products can be purchased online at and their store in Causeway bay and Mong Kong Grand Century.

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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

TOP Beauty : Hong Kong Organic Beauty Brand Evie + giveaway!

TOP Beauty : Hong Kong Organic Beauty Brand Evie + giveaway!

To those of you that don't live in Hong Kong, you might not be aware of this organic beauty brand called Evie. Evie was first introduced to me by my artist manager, and after trying it I do think some products in the range does have it's reason to shine comparing to other products out there. It is a very gentle brand because of it's organic materials, but also very effective!

In the organic range, it has :
1) refreshing shower gel
2) hair nutrients
3) rose lip mask - LOVE!
4) makeup remover - LOVE!
5) insect repellant
6) hand rescue cream - LOVE!
All these products are for sale at Harvey Nichols Beyond Beauty.

So I've chosen three products that I completely love to review.
Evie Rose Lip Mask
This lip mask gives a very herbal scent, it's a healthy sheer mask that is not thick and oily like vas line, i find it really nice when you use it overnight, as it doesn't stick to your pillow or hair but does the job easily. 3 thumbs up out of 5!

Evie Hand Rescue Cream
So, believe it or not, I've never actually needed to use hand cream at all in my whole life. but ever since I moved out and started doing my own dishes (oh yay!-.-), I've been coming back to this bottle of hand rescue constantly, almost every time after I wash dishes. It instantly smoothes your hand without it being overtly rich, I think it is a nice touch to keep in your bathroom for your guests too.  Definitely a 4 out of 5!

Evie Makeup Remover
Now, as you can see from the bottle I'm literally towards the very last drop of it. This makeup remover is nice as it is almost the only face makeup remover I've met that can take off mascara (not fake lashes) in one go. Although I do recommend that we keep eye makeup remover and face makeup remover separate, there has never been a product in my life which i feel it is such a great 2 in 1 makeup remover. (for lazy nights or when u have very light eye makeup, or days when u run out of eye makeup remover) It is very gentle and doesn't tingle the eye, but works perfectly well. Repurchase rate is definitely 5 out of 5!

Enough of me talking.. a video proves it's magic. start watching at 2:50... 

and of course, what good is all this talk if we don't have a giveaway? (see Parker's smile down there!)

Evie x has decided to gift TEN Evie Cleansing oils for giveaway! If you want to enter, please do the following:

1) Like us on Facebook 
2) Share this post on your Facebook publicly and write:
"I want free Evie Cleansing Oil from Girls on!!!"
3) Leave a comment here or on fb and tag the friend(s) that never does a good job at removing their makeup and share us your makeup removing steps. Get your friends to support by liking your message and we will choose 5 with the most likes on their message, and 5 based on our preference.

Winner will be announced on GirlsonTOP facebook page.
*Contest ends 19 November 2013
Happy Friday Folks! 
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Sunday, 10 November 2013

TOP News: Guerlain sologne royal jelly and ouessant honey

TOP News: Guerlain sologne royal jelly and ouessant honey

In Chinese, emperors have believed in the use of Royal Jelly for a long history. Basically, Guerlain has made two products from the most purest queen bee products you can find on the planet. It is the best of the best from Guerlain and a really top product for anti-aging. 

Guerlain has two sets, the 1-month youth treatment which consists a high concentration of the Sologne Royal Jelly at $1940HKD. The Face treatment oil, priced at $770HKD is made by Quessant Honey.

The Royal Jelly concentrate is like little yellow caviar beads. For each use, you scoop a little bit of the caviar jelly into the cream, close the cap and wait for ten minutes until it both mixes. It is 100% natural and made from France.

Even though there is an extra step with the waiting, I think this could be a very interesting breakthrough product from Guerlain. What do you guys think? 
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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

TOP News: Merry Christmas to the man in your life!

TOP News : Merry Christmas to the man in your life! 

To be honest, I don't know why we are buying xmas gifts for the man of your life when we should be spoiled like crazy..  just joking :) This year, no7 and botanics from boots have gathered three simple starter sets for the man in your life. 

No7 Men Energising Duo (HK$164 at Mannings)
This includes No7's hair and body wash, and also a delicate facial wash for men that doesn't do much at the moment but we can intrigue them to learn about skincare!

No7 Men Travel Ready Kit (HK$219 at Mannings)
This pack is for those men that is always on the go! It includes No7 Men Energising hair & body wash (50ml), Energising face wash (50ml), Post Shave Recovery Balm (50ml) and a handy face cloth packaged in a convenient wash bag. All under 100ml so he can take it in his hand carry on when travelling!

Botanics Men’s Cleansing Duo (HK$99 at Mannings)
This Botanics Men’s Cleansing duo contains hair and body wash and a face wash with ginseng extracts, to ensure clean and fresh skin.

Boots gift sets are exclusively available at these Mannings stores in Hong Kong starting from mid November:

Hong Kong Island:
Cambridge House         Ground Floor, Cambridge House, Taikoo Place, Quarry Bay, HK
Hang Lung Centre          Shop F01, First floor, Hang Lung Centre, 2-20 Paterson Street, Causeway Bay, HK
Taikoo Shing                 Shop 420 City Plaza 1, Taikoo Shing

New Territories:
Kwai Fong                    Shop 177 Metroplaza, Kwai Fong, New Territories

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