Monday, 30 September 2013

A Jazz Night with American jazz guitarist Lee Ritenour

TOP music: A Jazz Night with American jazz guitarist Lee Ritenour

Grammy Award winner, American jazz guitarist Lee Ritenour and his four-piece band has brought an exclusive, one-night only performance to the Lion’s Bar, MGM MACAU on September 23.

Hall-of-fame American jazz guitarist Lee Ritenour

I got chills right at the first four bars he played;
people around me muttered OMG all the way...

Yes, there were times I looked down and write;
but right at the moment I headed up,
goosebumps sucked on my skin very tight
A German/jamaican on keys; Lee from LA; Bass from the Big Apple NYC
and from Boudeaux, a cheerful francais on drums (sorry I don't have their full names)

What I liked the most about the band was, whenever they started to get into a new grove or moving onto a new transit, they smiled.
They truly enjoyed the music as much as we did.

Their magic?
Well, I would say they pushed through the music into great progression, be it a short one-minute session of jazz variation or a whole jazz-funk-jazz song.
They jumped right into the mood.
Everyone's happy! Including the master himself :)

And who am I to critic their music?
Just shut up and enjoy the jazzy corybantic!

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Thursday, 26 September 2013

TOP Beauty : Shiseido Maquill Foundation

TOP Beauty : Shiseido Maquill foundation review

Shiseido's new Maquill foundation completely blew me away! and I mean it!
I have to admit, being a beauty junkie I've never really had deep meaningful conversations with Shiseido products. I've always thought of the brand to be very Japanese, very kawaii style with a hint of OL-ness, so it never appealed greatly to me. 

This True Liquid Moisture UV Maquill foundation is a new product that has been recently launched, there's three colours OC 20, 30 40 and it's easy to match in my opinion. What I really like, is the texture of the foundation. It's creamy, easy to apply, but with very good coverage and not cakey! I know it sounds like it's close to perfect, but this is really how I feel about it!! 

On the back of the bottle, it recommends (or at least I think it does, I don't read Japanese obviously), to apply this foundation with a 7mm diameter sponge,  this is the sponge that the Shiseido girls use at counters. but I have a question.... 

Then why does it come with this super big sponge in the packaging? It doesn't bother me cause I can apply with brush and hands, but ... why?

Here are some swatches, I do want to make a remark that it is very smooth, and does match up similar to a Cle de Peau foundation. (I heard Cle de Peau is owned by Shiseido....) For a fraction of the price, you can get a foundation that's similar to one of the world's most recommended foundation, this is a great deal!! You do see that 030 is slightly more yellow than 020, and i think this is to match with Asian skin.

020 in indoor white light (make up room)

030 indoor, natural morning light

and on a side note, this collection also has lipsticks and concealers.
Check out the colors : 

True Rogue RS583
Concealer stick EX no.2

Highly highly recommend this foundation, I'm going to keep using it throughout this winter!

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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

TOP News: Bathina by Benefit

TOP News: Bathina by Benefit

Launch date : Early October 2013

Benefit is launching a new silky & seductive body oil mist to go along with its silky glimmering body balm in the Bathina line. I think this will be one of the products which makes a girl extra sexy on the go.... (like times when you're in a rush and you forgot to shave your legs..) 

It includes sweet almond oil, olive oil, avocado oil, vitamin E. nothing not loving for your legs!

So how good will it be? Let us know if you get it!
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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

TOP Beauty : F/W2013 Giorgio Armani "Eyes to Kill"

TOP Beauty : F/W2013 Giorgio Armani "Eyes to Kill"

Whenever the winter season comes, I am addicted to glittery powder eyeshadow, over the past few seasons we've got Chanel, Lancome introducing it, and on the cheaper grounds we have Maybeline Color tattoo and l'oreal 24 hour infallible eyeshadow etc... This season, I want to introduce to you "Eyes to kill" by Giorgio Armani, what I like about this glittery eyeshadow comparing to others is it has this pale pearl base, which makes it so much easier to carry in daylight comparing to only being able to wear it at night. I think these shadows are very well pigmented, intense but handle-able.  it comes in 6 colors: 
(from top left to right, then bottom left to right)
30 rose popillia - light rose color
31 june beetle - light turquoise
32 - gold hercule - silver
33 - scarab bioletta - peral purple
34 - blue beetle - dark turquoise
35- silver chafer

(in dim light)

(in white light)

If you're new to glittery shadows, do invest in a primer or a good cream eyeshadow before applying it. and if you have absolutely no idea how to use it, I suggest do your basic nude eye, and line some of the colors towards the outer corner of the eye, or along the top of your liner, the little hint of sparkle does make a great difference to your normal winter routine.
I would definitely invest in one or two for this season, just like household meds. You never know when you need a shimmery eye :)

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Monday, 23 September 2013

TOP Beauty: Zhen foot Spa and body massage + free trial

Review: Zhen foot Spa and body massage + free trial

During the weekends, when it gets a little too hot, I like to take an hour or two to do a foot massage. It seems very popular and widely liked by people in Hong Kong, but I, being the picky kid doesn’t have a big favourite. I think foot spas are too mass-ed out in Hong Kong, and it comes and goes too quickly. Some are 100hkd per session, some go up to 400hkd per session, so what are some factors which I look for in a good massage place?

1) Location – I don’t really want to take a really long walk to a massage place. I go there cause my feet needs to relax
2) Cleanness/ New -  it is all about hygiene, hygiene, hygiene! To me, if a foot spa is new, it completely ups the chance of me going.
3)   The pricing – I think  hkd 200ish is acceptable if all of the above can be done.

So what makes a foot spa extra special?

1. Normally foot massage means (foot + neck), so the extra touch of having warm neck herbal pillow will make your neck and shoulders much more smoothing during the process.

2. A spacious, non spooky, non dark area.  I've been to foot spas which are suddenly very dark, they claim it's for people to sleep but I feel unsafe without being able to see clearly.

3. Proper Herbal tea. Many foot spas provide some kind of tea for you, i know tea bags aren't the best choices, but if I get to see what I drink, it's a plus!

4. Last but not least, warm Leg wrap - many foot spas end with just wiping your feet clean, but now we have a foot wrap for 5 mins, whats the downside?

5. To make it a bonus, it is very closed and no uphill!!!! So where is this fabulous place you may ask? Check out the info below.

Zhen foot spa & body massage
Suite 1802, Century Square, 1-13 D' Aguilar Street, Lan Kwai Fong, Central, Hong Kong
Opening hours : 10:00 - 24:00 everyday
Tel : 2116 3980

To allow all Girls on TOP followers to enjoy this place, if you like our facebook and their facebook page, the first two hundred clients automatically get 15 mins free shoulder massage for trial! First come first serve.

Terms & Conditions apply.

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Saturday, 14 September 2013

TOP Beauty : Loreal Hydrafresh Mask in Lotion + Loreal giveaway!

TOP Beauty : Loreal Hydrafresh Mask in Lotion + giveaway

When I received this product, I didn't exactly know what the purpose of it. The Hong Kong ad proclaims it can do five things, 1) use it as a toner, 2) use it as a mask, 3) use it as a spray in lotion, 4) mix it with foundation, 5) mix it with your compact.

I'm giving my first open bottle review for this product. I think the gel like texture is way too thick to be a spray, or mix it with your foundation or compact. So, I tried using it as a toner and a mask. Here's my thoughts about it.

very runny n thick texture
As a toner itself, its pretty amazing as it gives you an immediate sense of moisture, its a little sticky once it's dried up but not unbearable. As a toner I will give it a go.

Now as a mask, you have to use cotton pads to put it on. It's a little annoying as cotton pads never meet up the whole of your face perfectly, you can use a full paper mask but then I will ask.. why not I just use a normal mask? I used some small eye pads to put it around the eye area to use it, it feels moisturising during the process but afterwards it doesn't really feel like a lot has been done.

In my opinion, I would only use it as a toner. It's great that products can multi task but i've always liked if products are made for one purpose, it makes it way less confusing and also it specialises what needs to be done.  I give this a 2/5.

Now you might not be convinced and want to try it for yourself, so we have decided to give out 10 sets of free Loreal giveaway goodies...........

Each set will include :
1 Hydra Fresh Aqua Balm hkd 135
1 Loreal True Match foundation (colour at random) hkd 155
1 Hydra Fresh Cleansing Foam hkd 79
1 White Perfect Laser Whitening Water hkd 129

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Contest Ends : 18 Sept, 2013

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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

TOP Beauty : F/W2013 Giorgio Armani Rouge d'Armani & Rouge d' Armani Sheers

TOP Beauty : F/W2013 Giorgio Armani Rouge d'Armani & Rouge d' Armani Sheers

The Giorgio Armani F/W 2013 lipstick collection I'm reviewing down here has both the rouge d'armani range and the rouge d'armani sheers range. The rouge d'armani is the lasting satin lip colour and rouge d'armani sheers are the hydrating lip colours. 

I've decided to review both collections together based on its colour code, because to me they're pretty similar. and let the pictures be the judge of the collection.

*In the picture below I will indicate the Rouge Sheers with a s infront of the number.*

s102, s103, 300, s304, 409, 410, s506, s507, 611, 610, 612 

This season my favourite pick is 300, 410, 610, and both collections are pretty sheer in my opinion, it delivers well on skin but the lighter pale colours swatches out very light, almost invisible, so I would avoid that unless you're looking for something like that. I think it would be good to wear this lipstick on it's own, or for the stronger colours you can build a lip pencil base with it.

s102, s103, 300, s304, 409, 410, s506, s507, 611, 610, 612
s102, s103, 300, s304, 409, 410, s506, s507, 611, 610, 612
Comparing to many F/W 2013, Armani has chosen to focus a lot on lipsticks this season, which in my opinion is a very strong and clever way. Everyone is possible to get one shade they want from the collection. One thing about Giorgio Armani lipsticks is their magnetic covers, which I've always liked. and they didn't change it this season so that's a good call. I think overall formula wise haven't changed drastically and is still up to it's standard. 

so, what's your favourite Armani lipstick pick?

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