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TOP Fashion: Cruciani bracelets & Giveaway

TOP Fashion: Interview with Luca Caprai, Founder of Cruciani & bracelets giveaway


The trend of "arm candy" has been bought up by international bloggers around the world a few years back, here with us we have Luca, the founder behind the chic, four-leaf clover lace bracelet, which has stolen many hearts of the rich and famous.

GOT ( What is your "arm candy" trying to sell?
Luca: People have their own style. I would like to create an affordable luxury which is culturally-adapted. I did a lot of marketing research to study the tradition, the belief and the history in every custom. For example, the Chinese welcomes the number 8 but not number 4. Thus, I will put these interesting findings in designing my bracelets so that it will mean something to the destinated group of people.

GOT: Talk me through the skills and technology involved in making the bracelets.
Luca: It is a merge between the old and the new. I use two opposite ways to produce my bracelets - Hand drawn pictures vs computerized graphics; handcrafted sewing vs 3D printing. It gives you the niche of a personalized design while keeping the cost affordable to all.

GOT: What was the inspiration behind the creation of the lace bracelets?
Luca: It was from an old, old tradition in Italy, where there were a lot of cravings for the pope in churches. The table cloth for special events could be worth up to 15, 000 euro and that was when I would like to use this luxurious lace material in my design.

GOT: I know that the designs of bracelets drew from unknown stories and recent events. Can you tell me one of the touching news or stories that hit you recently? And will you make a bracelet out of it?
Luca: A bracelet design is different from that of a clothing design. Bracelets are so small and detailed. Yet, I can create as many designs as I want from time to time. The World Champion in Brazil, Sakura blossom in Japan, Christmas in Italy and F1 car race all mean dearly to me. 
I would like to turn them into bracelet and make people remember those events.

PSY and his bow tie bracelet

GOT: There are quite a number of celebrities wearing your bracelets. Did you give it to them?
Luca: I don't know how Paris hilton or Beyonce got to know about our bracelets. They didn't request them from me. But I guess the bracelets carry a cultural importance that if you keep an open-mind, it is an eye-widening lesson for a worldside exploration to learn about others' culture. Therefore, my dream for now is to cooperate with worldwide artists and produce more of my favourite silver soft jewelry bracelet pieces.


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