Sunday, 30 June 2013

TOP Beauty : Ciate Caviar Manicure (Durability Test)

TOP Beauty : Ciate Caviar Manicure (Durability Test)

I decided to do a Ciate Caviar Manicure test as it is newly launch in Lane Crawford Hong Kong.

Although I bought this set in London Selfridges,
I think now is the right time to give it a little test!

I'm not going to go over how to do it as it's been out for a good while,
and there're many blogposts about it anyway.
I did a 4-day durability mission on Ciate...

my puppy Parker with the nail polishes, saying,
" What are you looking at? These are mine!"
Nail polishes that I used for this test :
OPI Natural Base Coat/ Ciate Kinickerbockerglory 012/ Ciate prom queen caviar pearls
how it first looked on day 1 after application

Day 1:
After I finished my manicure - feels very secure,
colour still vibrant,
don't have any signs of fall outs after washing hands

Day 2:
Some minor beads beginning to tall off around the rims,
but aside from that color still have vibrant
and no discomfort during everyday activity
(including washing your hands)

Day 3:
About 1/4 of beads have fallen off in middle finger,
color has become dull. (advertising behind LOL)

Day 4 (last day of challenge):
Did some major cleaning around the house and wash the dishes twice,
colour of beads has become very dull
and the base coat nail polish was pealing off.
The Ciate Caviar manicure lived up to my expectation,
as I only expected it to last for 2 days tops.
But it kind of lasted for 4 days, which was great. 

These are one of those nail polishes that are handy to have around home
when you have a special event to attend at night.
I got lots of compliments with this manicure,
but I wouldn't advise everyday use because it will get you very annoyed about it once every 3 days;
but if it's for a special date,
it's definitely worth the time and effort to do this.

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Saturday, 29 June 2013

TOP Events : Tung Wah "Age of Elegance" Charity Ball

 Tung Wah "Age of Elegance" Charity Ball

Just got home from Tung Wah's charity ball at JW Marriot and decided to post to you guys about my outfit.

Today I did a rather dress down version as my back is not feeling well and really shouldn't be wearing high heels.
Here's some highlights from tonight - 

outfit : headband Deepa Gurnani/ bangle Swarovski/ top Forever21/
belt BCBG/ maxi dress H&M/ shoes C. Louboutin
I won a table prize from The Swank! 
Then, won the table game n got 1000hkd worth of eletronics coupon.
picture with twgh's president mrs.ho and friends.

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Friday, 28 June 2013

Top Beauty : Shu Uemura 30th Anniversary Eye-Conic Collection

Shu Uemura 30th Anniversary Eye-Conic Collection

Target : Emilo Pucci babes
Launch date : 28th June, 2013 (today!)

Last week was a hectic week for both L and I,
but during the busy week we got an amazing little surprise, this time from Shu Uemura

This 30th anni eye-conic collection launches today.
It is a set inspired by the 1960s.
I was really attracted by the poster when it first came.
So here's what we got :-

1. Eyeconic duo color cheek in sweet pink - 210hkd
2. Eyeconic triple color pressed eyeshadow in liberty green -290hkd
3. Eyeconic retro-sensation special decoration palette box -80hkd
4. Eyeconic lasting gel pencil eyeliner -190hkd
5. Eyeconic Tokyo lash bar premium eyelashes (limited edition) - 550hkd
6. Rouge unlimited supreme matte in M PK 345 - 210hkd
Shu Uemura 30th anniversary eye-conic collection

Now in the order of sequence which I fell in love with the products...

shu's eyeconic lasting gel pencil eyeliner
 This eyeliner is the BOMB. Its staying power is crazy!!! 
It's a very soft gel pencil that glides through easily.
I tried scrubbing it really hard on my hand and the line still looks perfect.
I think this is one of the summer 2013 must-haves for your waterline!

shu's eyeconic duo color cheek in sweet pink  
My first ever cheek blush was a baby pink from Shu about 8 years ago.
I used it and used it until it hit pan bottom.
This sweet pink blush is living up to the expectation -
it swatches beautifully for the little embarrass cheek look with a very light pink tone highlighter.

Simply put, u can't go wrong with this pink. 

shu's eyeconic triple color pressed eyeshadow in liberty green
Green and blue might not be the first colour that we think of when we say eyeshadow,
but I just love the idea of 3 colours in one small cube,
making contour-color-highlighting fuss-free.
It also comes in earth tone and a purply tone colour,
so there's something for everyone.

shu's rouge unlimited supreme matte in M PK 345
This lipstick is very matte and pink,
it might be a little too pink for me at the moment as my skin is rather dark,
but if you have a pale complexion, i think this will look great!

Shu Uemura 30th anniversary eye-conic poster

Now this is the poster I got very attracted to,
look at the dimension of the eyes!
It is also very Emilo Pucci,
who says I should give it a go next week and do a 1960s tutorial? :D

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Monday, 24 June 2013

Top Beauty : Preview from Kiehl's & Selfridges!

Top Beauty : Preview from Kiehl's & Selfridges! 

Last weekend was an exciting weekend for L and I,
as we received our first support from
Kiehl's after we told them about our blog! (clap clap clap!)
I also got my long waited Selfridges beauty box,
I know it was launched about a month ago but I've been waiting for it to come back with my London friend.
So, last weekend was a weekend full of goodies!

Of course, it is impossible to analyse over 10 products at once,
and that just won't do the brand or the products any justice,
so this post is just a preview of what we got over the weekend.

We will eventually evaluate these items,
if there's any product you really want to know,
leave a comment and we will fulfil your wish! 

so here it goes!! (drummmrollll....)

a little note from kiehl's, an extra touch never hurt.
Tada! We got 6 products from kiehls:
a sunscreen, a gel cream, a deep moisture cream, line reducing concentrate, spot solution, and overnight mask.
Which one do you wanna know more about?
Selfridges beauty box - all this was only 25 pounds for a value of 75 pounds.
You see why I waited?

two of the products which i am super anticipated to review!
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TOP News : bareMinerals "EYE" Love Brushes

bareMinerals "EYE" Love Brushes

Launch : late June 2013
Target : girls who love eye makeup 

We got another email from bareMinerals about its new eye brushes,
there're 6 in the collection and here's some brief info about them:

1) double- ended precision brush - hkd 215
2) tapered shadow brush - hkd 110
3) soft focus shadow brush - hkd 170
4) soft focus liner brush - hkd 165
5) full tapered shadow brush - had 135
6) double - ended liner shadow brush - hkd 180

Yancy's recommendation:

double - ended liner shadow brush - hkd 180

If I had to choose 1 brush out of the 6,
I would choose

bareMinerals double - ended liner shadow brush, because:

1) the top half flat brush is an excellent brush if you want a hardcore firm line,
also, I think it would be great for the perfect flick for the MEOW cat eye. 

2) the skinner bottom end is a perfect eyeliner brush if you're into the really subtle eyeliner look,
the super skinny synthetic hair can let you fill in between your lashes,
or your real lashes and fake lashes perfectly.

3) I have small freckles, real subtle ones.
So on a day where I want a flawless face,
I would use the skinner end to dot dot dot all my 
freckles away with concealer. 

This could possibly be the perfect tool for both worlds, for me at least.

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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

TOP Beauty : Contouring in humid weather

-guide to contouring in humid weather-

We all know how hot it gets in HK,
and how ridiculous it is that no matter how much primer you use,
some products on your face will melt off eventually.

Message from Yancy:

I've always wanted a creme bronzer that could fight HK weather,
as the powder ones just fall off under the crazy heat.
I think I've found it recently, but used in my own steps!

Allow me to show you my little beauty secret for s/s 2013!

new love for the s/s 2013!
 Step 1 :
Apply Tom Ford shape and illuminate 01 intensity one with one side of a flat foundation brush,
(this is where all the little gift travel set foundation brush comes in handy)
apply it to where you normally wear your bronzer,
then blend it gently with the clean side of the brush.

Step 2:
Use the Mac 168 brush and any bronzer you already have
(in my case, the Canmake Shading Powder 03)
Gently use it as a setting powder along places you have already contour, Gently I said! 

Step 3 (Additional Step for mega bronzing girl):
Use the Mac 168 brush,
dab a little bit of TF intensity one,
and run it around your face.

* I only recommend this if you have a doreamon face. Less is more girls.

Tom Ford shape and illuminate in the shade 01 intensity one
no shimmer, just reflecting creme, awesomeness!
canmake shading powder 03 - mac 168 - dior travel foundation brush

Some notes : 
a) I have pale-medium skin, (slightly darker than the lancome teint miracle po-03 if you're really asking)
so this TF bronzer in 01 intensity one is great for me.

If you have darker skin, I suggest you go up a shade or else this bronzer will just look dirty on you.
b) the key to rocking this bronzer is to add gradually,
the product does build on VERY nicely.

oh and check out how hot Tom Ford is here, it's ridiculous. 

So, what's your contouring secret?
Share with us in the comment section below!

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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

TOP Art : Hands on Ebru painting experience with Danilo Giannoni

Hands on experience at Ebru painting -
with Italian contemporary artist Danilo 

Danilo Giannoni "State of Matter" Exhibition
Date : June 12 - June 24, 2013
Venue: Pao Galleries, 5/F Hong Kong Art Center,
2 Harbour Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

First attempt on Ebru painting 
my swirl of colours! 
What is so fascinating about Ebru art and Danilo Giannoni?
It's rather simple, firstly,
it is amazing enough to draw on water - check out 

Secondly, DANILO taught me how to draw on water.
Believe me, it was difficult and very time consuming!

Thirdly, his painting has no boundaries.
He does not restrict how his paint flows.

His inspiration comes and then he lets it explode,
it's like a "monster that never sleeps."
That's why he's an artist.

at the Pao Gallery - Danilo's painting is mine x15 or x30 layers...
now you see the difference?
This exhibition also focuses on two new paintings:
one of Lisa S. and one of Ana R.
These two paintings would be the preview of Danilo's next two years of work.
It is basically a hand-painted celebrity picture sandwiched between layers and layers of Ebru water painting.

gorgeous painting of Lisa S, as if she's doing flamenco dancing,
so Danilo used red to show the energetic beauty... and her skirt flared up in the air!
this is a very moody, romantic Ana R.
I personally like how the flow of colours start from the head, like her mind is speaking to us.

This exhibition is something definitely worth checking out.
There are a few paintings which if you stand from a distance
you can actually see very abstract human figure(s) within the swirls.
I won't tell which painting it is exactly, but it's a red one towards the center of the collection.
Go explore! Maybe you will see something else than what I saw.
May your mind float on Danilo's paintings.

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Monday, 17 June 2013

TOP Music: The Jazz Quartet

 Jazz Quartet @ Dada Bar,
The Luxe Manor Hotel
on 15th June 2013
Target : Groovers


- Jazzy crossover gig by -

The legendary Eugene Pao
Teriver Cheung, the Guitarist
Hong from Thailand, the drummer 
Scott Dodd from Australia, the bassist 
I groove because of Hong &
I root for Dodd;

I understand that Eugene Pao is legendary but
I wish Teriver would excite me more.
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Sunday, 16 June 2013

TOP Art : A Smashing Party - and giveaway!

Swire Properties : A Smashing Party
[and giveaway!] 

Date : 14 June 2013
Address : 13/f Somerset House, Taikoo Place, Island East

L and I attended the first ever smashing party together!
So you may ask, what is a smashing party?

Well, we went there not really knowing what to expect,
as our invitation just said a preview of street art, lots of alcohol,
DJ Eve Speciall and Nat King Soul and paint balling/sledge hammer...

So how does all this connect?
Basically, this exhibition gives you an opportunity to destroy a section of the art after seeing it,
de-stress youself and let your rage out, and may the party begin! 

It started at this super low profile industrial building in Quarry Bay...


how things look after tons of people have been inside the smashing room 

gentle reminder!

people paintballing art inside a safe area

free alcohol!
whisky - champagne- wine - you name it, they have it

look at the crowd!!!!!
And for our awesome giveaway,
L and I snatched not one, not two but
THREE phone cases by Victor Ash,
a street artist from Paris, France that was featured in the party.

all you chic followers just need to do this -

1. subscribe to our blog by email -> right hand side of the page
2. leave a comment on "if you had a chance, how would you like to destroy art" [i.e. run a car over it!]
3. leave your email contact with the comment so we can contact you

.... and we will choose three lucky winners GLOBALLY, and post one of these three cases to you [we will contact u by email if you've been chosen!]
*please remember to say which phone case you want!
Deadline for entry : 30 June, 2013

giveaway : left to right - iphone 4/ iphone 5/ samsung galaxy s3 phone cases by Victor Ash

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L. & Yancy