Tuesday, 18 June 2013

TOP Art : Hands on Ebru painting experience with Danilo Giannoni

Hands on experience at Ebru painting -
with Italian contemporary artist Danilo 

Danilo Giannoni "State of Matter" Exhibition
Date : June 12 - June 24, 2013
Venue: Pao Galleries, 5/F Hong Kong Art Center,
2 Harbour Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

First attempt on Ebru painting 
my swirl of colours! 
What is so fascinating about Ebru art and Danilo Giannoni?
It's rather simple, firstly,
it is amazing enough to draw on water - check out 

Secondly, DANILO taught me how to draw on water.
Believe me, it was difficult and very time consuming!

Thirdly, his painting has no boundaries.
He does not restrict how his paint flows.

His inspiration comes and then he lets it explode,
it's like a "monster that never sleeps."
That's why he's an artist.

at the Pao Gallery - Danilo's painting is mine x15 or x30 layers...
now you see the difference?
This exhibition also focuses on two new paintings:
one of Lisa S. and one of Ana R.
These two paintings would be the preview of Danilo's next two years of work.
It is basically a hand-painted celebrity picture sandwiched between layers and layers of Ebru water painting.

gorgeous painting of Lisa S, as if she's doing flamenco dancing,
so Danilo used red to show the energetic beauty... and her skirt flared up in the air!
this is a very moody, romantic Ana R.
I personally like how the flow of colours start from the head, like her mind is speaking to us.

This exhibition is something definitely worth checking out.
There are a few paintings which if you stand from a distance
you can actually see very abstract human figure(s) within the swirls.
I won't tell which painting it is exactly, but it's a red one towards the center of the collection.
Go explore! Maybe you will see something else than what I saw.
May your mind float on Danilo's paintings.

Stay on TOP!

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