Saturday, 21 December 2013

TOP Event: Zafran's New Year's Eve Countdown Party 2014 & free tickets giveaway

TOP Event: Zafran's New Year's Eve Countdown Party 2014

When: 31st December 11:00p.m
Where: Zafran, LKF, Central
What: Partieeeeee babeee

The newly-opened 'Tapas Y Musica' spanish bar ZAFRAN will host the New Year's Eve Event of the Year!

Nestled primly in an intimate basement location in Central, this is the event not to be missed - on Tuesday, 31st December starting 11:00p.m 'till late - 'Víspera de Año Nuevo' will take you through to the New Year, in true Spanish Style.

Last week, we had great great response on the free lunch giveaway on

To continue the hype, Zafran is giving out two sets of tickets to the party (2 winners x 3 tickets each)
Tickets include entry to DJ Event & one glass of Champagne, selected cocktails or house spirits.

Want to win? Here is what you have to do:
1) Like us on Facebook 

2) Share this post on your Facebook publicly and write:

"I want free tickets to Zafran party from Girls on!!!"

3) Leave a comment here or on fb and tag the two friend you want to bring along, (new friends!) and tell us what is the first thing you will do after 5-4-3-2-1.....

Winner will be announced on facebook page.

*Contest ends 27 December 2013

For those who would like to join the party but cannot be the lucky winners, here's the detail to be involved in the action

HK$200:  Regular Ticket purchased at Zafran, Hong Kong or at any Aqua Group SOHO Outlet 
HK$250:  On the Door 
HK$100:  Post 1a.m Party 

Happy early new year! 

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Thursday, 19 December 2013

TOP Beauty : La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Sleep Mask

TOP Beauty : La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Sleep Mask

A while back back I received this gorgeous jar of La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Sleep Mask and has always been waiting for the great big moment to use this luxurious product.. (yep acting just like a little girl here..) and yesterday, I finally decided to open it as it could have possibly been the coldest driest day in 2013 in Hong Kong. So here goes my open-box and review for this product.

The luxurious sleeping mask comes in a sturdy 50ml size with the signature la prairie box in silver finish, it's quite a good size bottle for the price in my opinion. The great thing about this mask is not only it can give full moisture, but also ease stress, nervousness and pressure that can deepen the look of wrinkles. Basically it helps your skin plunge back to the best state when you are having your beauty sleep.

Inside like all La Prairie product, there is the product seal at the top. Inside it also comes with a set of instruction cards telling you how to apply and what to keep in mind.

This is how the La Prairie sleep mask actually looks like, it comes with a soft brush (that is dyed blue which I love cause it matches the bottle), it is for you to use with application and I think it would be a great travel size foundation or cream blusher blush after you have finished the sleep mask.

I love it cause it's dyed blue! A little key to remember is every time you use the brush to apply the cream, do wash it out with soap or water immediately and leave it to dry. One little tip I can give is lay the brush flat to dry before putting it back in the stand so water doesn't go inside the handle of the brush.

The product itself is very creamy, it has a pleasant "women" smell which helps to calm the skin. The product has benefits like helping with hydration boost, minimise fine lines, but also supports the natural firming and collagen protective activity during sleep.  So basically, this is your helping hand when you are having your beauty sleep.

The "morning-after" face : This is me after using it last night, my skin feels quite pumped up and back to the best state I can have, this product can't be used on eyes so ignore the eye bags. but overall, I am really satisfied with this product, it gives a good recovery booster when needed. Considering I have been working for more than 14 days straight and wearing makeup indoors and outdoors with the rain and wind, this is really good result that can help me recharge my skin battery.

Here is Yancy's TEST Review: 

T (Texture) : Excellent, not too runny, not too harsh, just right for an overnight mask.
E (Effectiveness) : 5/5!
S (Smell) : very pleasant smell, nothing too harsh to make it hard for your to sleep.
T (Tips) : The morning after you might have some "rubber bits" on your face, don't worry it will come off if you have a damp cloth to wipe your face in the morning. 

Beauty Sleep has never been better! I've decided to use it more often this christmas, not as emergencies!

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Friday, 13 December 2013

TOP Eats: Zafran, the tapas music bar in Lang Kwai Fong

TOP Eats: Zafran, the tapas music bar in Lang Kwai Fong

Zafran, located at lkf, can be expected to be another place to chill out with good food and music, spanish-style!

This tapas-music bar has live DJ from thursday to Saturday, at 10pm onwards. But well, I went there on a wednesday night, so let's get straight to the food! Our waiter was so very proud to highlight there were 85% cod inside the fritter, so i expected a solid potato-mash-fish filling when i bite in. Instead, a creamy, milky, almost lavaish filling oozing out the little crunchy balls. Surprise!

Gambas is one of my favourite tapas dishes. These medium-sized prawns were cooked in garlic chili oil. The best to do is to dip the bread into the spicy oil, add slices of garlic from the prawn sauté on top to become one hella-good garlic bread!

Catalan sauce is a sauce widely used on spring onion dipping when they do a charcoal grill in Spain. This time, they mix it with the black pudding topping. Not to mention Zafran is one of the few restaurants in hk to do the chorizo themselves.

Suckling pig- sorry i have to describe my favourite dish here detailly!  The pumpkin puree (alert! with nuts!) and gravy is not important to me sorry :D The most important component is the crispy skin. Feels like fat free. Not oily, quite dry. The magic here was that they extend the crispyness to down below, even the other side of the meat down below is crunchy! A happy crunchy porky rectangular blocks yuppie!

To wrap up our relaxing dinner, the chef offers us.....breakfast?! No i don't want a fried egg to finish I'm fulllllll

Nah....its a dessert made with....well, if you want to find out what it is, here is what to have to do for a free lunch visit to Zafran:

1) Like us on Facebook 
2) Share this post on your Facebook publicly and write:
"I want free Zafran lunch from Girls on!!!"
3) Leave a comment here or on fb and tag the friend you want to bring along, (provided that both of you are GOT's readers - like us on Facebook proves that) and tell us what would you like to see on zafran's menu and why. 
Me, i would like to add to the menu - the spanish-styled potato omelette! What about you?

Winner will be announced on GirlsonTOP facebook page. We are giving out a lunch-hour table for two to one winner.

*Contest ends 20 December 2013

Happy Friday Folks! 
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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

TOP Beauty : Audrey Hepburn Look 4.12.2013

TOP Beauty : Audrey Hepburn Look 4.12.2013

Tonight I have to host an event and I have to dress up as Audrey Hepburn, so I hope you can be inspired by some things I've selected...

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Audrey Hrpburn Look 4.12.2013

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

TOP Beauty : My Makeup of the Day 3.12.2013

TOP Beauty : My Makeup of the Day 3.12.2013

A simple polyvore today to show what products I'm using..

My Makeup of the Day 3.12.2013

$17 -

$70 -

$51 -

$33 -

$12 -

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Monday, 2 December 2013

TOP Beauty : Christmas 2013 Face Creme Guide

TOP Beauty : Christmas 2013 Face Creme Guide

Many people around the world change their skincare routine back in October, but here in HK, we really don't get cold until December. So here's a little reminder for those who are planning to switching their cremes for f/w 2013.

The Organic Pharmacy - Rose Plus Brightening Complex 
considering it's a "brightening" product, it is very dense and moisturise, which is important if you still want to use whitening/brightening products in the winter, as it normally tends to be dryer than normal products.

No7 - Protect & Perfect Serum
it is always better to prevent than cure, so it is always important to protect yourself from wrinkles, and speedy antiaging before it comes to you. Looking for a entry pass to anti ageing? You've got this one to try for.

Clarins - Extra Firming Creme
Being the 5th generation of the same creme, there must be a reason why it keeps on coming back! What i like about Clarins creme is that their formula for day and night differs a lot, targeting your needs at different times of the day. You do know that your skin works differently 24 hours around the clock right?

La Roche Posay - Intense Soothing Care for Face and Eyes
If your skin feels like it has needles flickering on it, it means it is not reacting well to the dry wind around you. It is great to use something to calm your skin when it's in that condition, do not try to over bury it with rich products. Calm > Moisture.

Clarins - Shaping Facial Lift Serum
We all eat just a little too much and our face just goes a little overboard during the holidays doesn't it? Don't you worry, your V shape face is in good hands with Clarins. You've heard it for so long, you really don't need me to explain do you?

SKII - Stempower Essence
SKII, the king of pitera, turn back the clock. If you're in that period of life where you desperately need to go back in time, SKII might be your cure.

Terre d'Oc Pure Argan Oil
I have been loving this product not only you can use it on your face, but also your hair and body. My skin has been reacting crazily this past week, and a little drop of that goes the long way. Not to mention it's organic!

Biotherm Blue Therapy Serum
Ahhhhhh is how I feel towards this serum. How soothing! It is very deeply moisturising, without much fragrance, i can almost guarantee it works on all skin type. If you're skin is in good shape and just needs a little kick with moisture, this is your little blue bottle of wonder.

So, have you found your face creme for the winter yet?
Hope this guide can help you!

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TOP Beauty : Christmas 2013 Stocking Fillers - for beauty junkies!

TOP Beauty : Christmas 2013 Stocking Fillers - for beauty junkies!

December has finally stepped in, which means I can scream christmas joy and sing christmas carols whenever I feel like! I've put together a quick guide of stocking filler beauty items which are under good budget control and will make everyone smile :)

(in clockwise motion, some with approximate pricing pending on where you buy it)

Isehan Lip plumer - with a SPF 18 you cannot go wrong with juicy lips for xmas. (~100hkd)
Innisfree - perfumed hand cream gift set with limited edition christmas packing (hkd120)
Isehan Brow Gel - you know brows frame your eyes right? (~100hkd)
Burberry Lipglow #22 Coral - this one is a little bit of a splurge but burberry items fit so well with christmas theme (you can find it at Burberry for hkd220)
Loreal Super Liner 0.003mm - literally I think no eyeliner can beat this one when it comes to precision. (~100hkd)
SpaRitual Cuti-Cocktail Nail & Cuticle Oil - it is great if you have rough nail bits for winter. (you can find it at A Beauty Bar for 210hkd)
Innisfree - Winter Berry Perfumed Candle - this is the present I would like to receive out of all as I am such a candle freak! (113hkd)

Thumbs up for those of you that are in holiday mood already! Stay tuned!

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