Friday, 30 August 2013

TOP Beauty : How to be Flawless-ed?

TOP Beauty : How to be Flawless-ed?

Flawless is a new nail-facial-makeup all in one go stop spa which is in the very central of Hong Kong. I am rather picky when it comes to being pampered, as some people uses too much force, some people scrub you like it's their own skin, or some simply don't know what they're doing. Flawless, on the other hand, sells that each of their specialist has over 10+ years experience in that category, and they only use the best of the best product from each country. So is Evelyn and I's experience worth every penny? Let us be the judge of that. 

L and I were treated by Flawless with a hand treatment, foot treatment and a facial. We got the whole package like the welcoming tea, and the explanation of treatments, introduction of the products etc.. First we had the hand and foot treatments. What really made these two treatments WOW comparing to others was that it uses the entire range of Aromatherapy Associates products. (Did I mention this is one of my favourite brands?) and my my, did my my did my every penny count just for all this products!

Steps & Products used : Aromatherapy Associates
1) Support Spa Bath Oil in the water to soak feet
2) Intensive Treatment Oil
3) Enrich Body Scrub
4) Calming White Body Mask
5) Body Serum
6) Nourishing Body Oil
7) Body Butter

and then it was onto the actual pedicure, Flawless has a range of 100+ colours of OPI, China Glaze, its not a lot comparing to many major nail chains but I think everyone can definitely choose something there. L and I went for some shocking neon colours, it was all very well done until we got home, when L's nail polishes were smudged! We emailed back to Flawless and they were very happy to give us a second go for free! I think this service is very respectable, as this is very common in many European/American high end spas. In Hong Kong, if you need to re paint your nails, the shop will actually charge you roughly 20hkd per toe. We did give our sincere comments about them adding a topcoat and nail dryer in their store. L and I were also smart the second time to bring flip flops with us, so our second run went very smoothly and we had an enjoyable time for both runs.

now off to the pink doors to continue our the flawless journey...

Behind the doors lies the facial rooms of flawless, L and I got a two bed treatment room. There was something special as the beds were facing in different directions, so if we had to talk to one another we didn't really had to tilt our heads! There was one thing which I particularly like about Flawless treatment room, is that each bed has an actual duvet! so you do feel like you're sleeping in your own bed rather than being covered by a lot of towels..

L and I had two different facials based on our skin condition. I had the bespoke Aromatherapy Associates facial, it contains a lot of massage from face, neck to shoulders. What I remember the most is the smell of the Aromatherapy products, each product used seemed to have a layer of it's own to make you feel relax, and eventually fall asleep. I particularly like the Rose Skin Tonic from the line, if gives a feeling of cleanness and awakening after every process.

and now...

to celebrate flawless 3 months old, from now till 15 Oct 2013, Flawless will do a buy two get one free on their facials! So it means bring a friend and only pay for one! It would be a good birthday gift if you have a friend that has a birthday just around the corner... 

Enjoy! and stay on TOP!

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

TOP BEAUTY : Benefit “Brow” Bar + giveaway

Benefit “Brow” Bar +giveaway!

Hong Kong girls have a culture for tweezing/threading their eyebrows; whereas in the west, people are used to waxing their brows. In Hong Kong, there aren’t many places where you can get your brows or facial hair waxed professionally and quickly, but now I’ve found the place.

The reason why I prefer waxing is because waxing is less painful, and it brightens up the skin immediately. In my opinion, waxing only works properly when you have a professional with you. I often wax my upper lip by myself but there’s always some tiny small hairs which cannot be caught with pre-waxed strips. At home, I find it easier to use pre-waxed strips rather than using hot wax because I have better control.

Let’s get back to Benefit Brow Bar, there are small tiny service stands situated in their shops, and the procedure is done quickly, like less than 15 mins.

The technician will first ask you about your skin condition, and go on to know more about the cream and medicine that you are using. It is important to stay away from acne cream, whitening cream or anything which contains Retin A, Accutane, Differen Gel, Metro gel due to the ingredients inside will trigger some allergic reaction when waxing.

Then, the technician will carefully prep your skin - first to wipe off any makeup and SPF. The tech will then use the wax which is heated in the temperature controlled pot.  The wax is not too hot, and just a small amount will be applied gently on your upper lips. Then whosh! -- pulling off your hair with a waxing strip on top.  They take care of small hidden areas with care, so when it’s done you’re left with very fresh looking skin.

After the procedure, the technician will gently wipe off all the excess wax with wax gel, then carefully sooth your skin with cooling gel. Afterwards, the procedure is done! As simple as that! To finish off, the technician/makeup artist will use some light press powder to cover your bare skin, and you’re good to go!

I think the main attraction with Benefit Brow Bar is that it is a one-go stop. It’s not like you have to go to a very Westernized (expensive!) spa to get it done, it’s something so simple yet effective that can be done during your lunch break.  (when comparing to tweezing) – and you only have to go once every three weeks!

So, in order for all the beautiful Ladies & Gents (we welcome guys too!) out there to try this awesome experience, we are going to invite 50 TOP fans to experience hairless upper lips…
Together we also have for a set of samples of the POREfessional deluxe sample, stay flawless + HFOW Sample Pack!

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*Contest ends 4 Sept 2013

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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

TOP News : Color.... by Benefit

TOP News : Color.... by Benefit
Available in store Sept, 2013

We know Benefit is really strong on their girly packaging, and this new collection adds a slightly vintage tone to it in my opinion.

There's the creaseless eyeshadow selling at HKD$200 with ten colours; 
longwear powder shadow at HKD$200 with twelve colours; 
hydra smooth lip colour at HKD$160 with six colours; 
hydra smooth lip color at HKD$190 with ten colors. 
Here are some visuals :

So yay or nay ladies? It's your call!

Stay on TOP!

Thursday, 22 August 2013

TOP Events : Jewellery with Emotions - John Hardy

TOP Events : Jewellery with Emotions - John Hardy 

John Hardy is a jewelry line that’s for sale in Lane Crawford.
Lots of people might not be too familiar with this brand, so let us tell you the story....

John Hardy is a brand based in Bali. Their artisans are locally trained and based in Bali.
And, they are very particular about giving back to the community. Each jewelry is individually crafted, therefore, each piece is different. It changes with the artisans mood and emotion.

One special thing about their sterling silver jewelry is that it is smoothen and soften out by hand.
Each bracelet, or necklace reaches to a level of softness with the artisan’s hard hard hard work.
Try it, it's really hard to soften silver by hand, okay?

At this event, John Hardy flew one of their artisans to Hong Kong to demonstrate their work.
The artisan was very concentrated despite the number of guests walking around and taking pictures of him.
FOCUS is their key. Well, it's the key to do anything well. 

Therefore, when the CEO told us his origin of setting up the brand, we hope that he and his team can continue to focus on their initial goal of preserving traditional craftsmanship and not be distracted by profit-making!

So does John Hardy jewellery showcase this to you? Be sure to have a look at the collection, and see if you can tell the difference between two identical bracelets. 

It could be possible that one was made in a very hyper mood, and one in a very calm mood, or vice versa.
It's up to your choice (and luck) to connect to which mood, and which piece of jewellery.

Stay on TOP!
L & Yancy

Friday, 16 August 2013

TOP Fashion : Hailey & Sasha - Customise your intimate wardrobe + giveaway!

TOP fashion: Hailey & Sasha, little Miss bra-fitter

'I stayed in a factory in Taiwan long enough to learn every basic about bra production,
that's more than a master degree.'
- Stephanie Poon, CEO & lingerie designer, Hailey & Sasha

Yancy and Stephanie, Hailey & Sasha pretend-to-be LOL

Just like the two girls here on Girls on TOPHailey and Sasha stands for two different girls - Hailey the poise and elegant OL lady and Sasha, the very outgoing, vibrant girl. 


Each season, there is a Hailey line and a Sasha line, and inside the two main collections each Bra is named after different girls' name, representing each unique individual.

It all started when Stephanie was not able to find the perfect bra.
In Taiwan, the land of perfect looking bustlines, not finding the right bra can make your life miserable.

'I am very keen on feeling comfortable, and the style has to match my taste, but there just doesn't seem to be enough on the market for me. So, four years ago when I met my business partner who is in the lingerie business, I began to learn in his studio for a very long time, and then decided to start this brand,' said Stephanie.

'Wiring is the most important. Wiring can changes the shape of your breast, and bad wiring will lead to potential health issue. I think the wiring is the most fundamental, as it defines the beauty and the functionality of a bra.'

'It is nice to show off bust line occasionally, but it has to look good and feel good 360 degrees at all times. When you dress yourself, people do not only look at you from the front, there are views from the side and the back, too. Some cultures may aim for a big push-up, but I think the push-up has to look natural from every direction.'

Hailey & Sasha has vibrant swimwear line as well!

'Custom made are great for people who can't find the perfect bra, we have many different kinds of bra templates to choose from. You can also choose the lace, colour, straps and decorations as well. I'm very keen on not changing the basic fabric, as it changes the tension of the bra, hence changing the shape. 

Personalized bras are great as gifts for bachelorette parties, and if boyfriends want to get something that will make both himself and his girls happy, it is a great choice.'

If you girls are picky on bras, sure you will be even more selective on swimwear to show off your nice figures.
Yes, it's Girl on TOP giveaway time again.
Grapse the last chance to enjoy the sun with Hailey & Sasha swimwear!
We will select THREE winners :)

Swimwear screaming: Pick me! Pick me!

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*Contest ends 26 August, 2013

Good luck for Hailey & Sasha shop opening next year, looking forward!

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Monday, 12 August 2013

TOP Music : Concert in the Dark 2013

TOP Music : Concert in the Dark 2013

Concert in the Dark 2013
Date: 11 August, 2013
Featuring artists: Hacken Lee, Joey Tang & Elaine Gu

With musicians from People Mountain People Sea, Jing Wong, Eman Lam and etc.

Although we have never met, slowly and carefully you welcome us to your world.
The audience was led by a group of visually-impaired into the darkness. We were strangers connected by a string and were forced to stay close to each other before we were being seated.


It took a little while to warm up and got used to the pitch dark environment. It was uneasy. We were afraid, but the narration and music soothed us, especially when we learnt that we were guarded by more than 40 visually-impaired volunteers. We do not know you, but you made us feel secure. Because, this is your world. You are our eyes in darkness.

In darkness, the audience moved to the beat, got really hyperactive; or be emotional and cried out loud when the blind sang. They were truthful, powerful and believable. In darkness, there is no self-conciousness, musicians peformed freely and there is no way to distinguish a person to another, making the world a prettier place, and music sounded even better.

By the end of the show, we hold hands, people beside cheered and sang aloud together; we shared the same experience, and, we no longer feel distant anymore. We feel you.

It's my honour to share this experience with you.

Stay on TOP,

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Top Beauty: F/W 2013 Guerlain Makeup Collection

Top Beauty: F/W 2013 Guerlain Makeup Collection + giveaway!

Guerlain F/W 2013

How gorgeous is this makeup set... I think it's probably the first time I'm so drawn to the whole collection! So in this collection there's
eye shadow duos in 8 colours @ 350hkd
eyeliners in 5 colours @ 210hkd
rouge G lipstick in 3 colors @ 395hkd
lipgloss in 3 colours @ 240 hkd
nail polish 1 colour @ 190 hkd
madame rougit blush palette @ 480hkd

 (left) 02  two stylish / (right) 06 two parisian

The eyeshadow duos do swatch beautifully but I won't say they are true to colour. The two glitters are more close to the template but the dark blue swatch out to be more of a turquoise peacock blue. The black is also quite nice but not as matte as it looks on the palette. There's nothing wrong with that as long as you test the colours before you buy and make sure you like it. Personally, I think they are beautiful!

the madame rougit blush palette - pink - pale - orange - tan

This blush compact has 4 colours from pink to pale to orange to tan. 
I knew that the little white dots would be covered with blush powder once I use a blush brush over it, but I guess that's how all indent palettes are like so cant complain!
This palette swatches out quite nicely and I think I am more of a fan of the pink - pale combination rather than the orange, but overall pigment is quite strong and stays nicely on fingers.

01 black jack / 05 amber silver
The eyeliners are to look out for, they are those pencil-like eyeliners with the plastic body and you can screw it up as you go, and they have a tiny soft sharpener attached to it which is really nice. The texture is very soft, very crayon but not like MAC's shiny eyeliners that kind of soft. The black liner is more of a charcoal black, and the silver is perfect for inner corner highlights. 

860 madame batifole

The lipstick is a bomb, packaged with the iconic mirror inside and the newly designed fishnet-like cap. It's very stunning.

860 madame batifole

I've never had a Guerlain lipstick, so to my surprise it was very pigmented and very moisturised. The colour is quite strong and it's perfect for winter when paired with a big black trench coat.

861 madame flirte
The Guerlain lipgloss, also to my surprise is rather sheer. It is nothing like Chanel's red sparkly lipgloss, in fact I can't really say there's one out there that's very similar to it. It's not very sticky too which is quite nice, I tried wearing it on just the lip and it's a easy-go to lipgloss for the purse.

860 madame batifole
I've swatched this nail polish on a clear stick for best result. I did three coats to achieve this coverage. It matches very true to colour, and I think it is more runny than OPI but controllable runny which is good. Overall I like how it matches the colour in the bottle and I would definitely wear it for winter.

So, TOP Girls really want everyone to have nice nails for Winter, so we have teamed up with Guerlain to give out 20 nail polishes in 860 madame batifole! 

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Winners will be announced on girlsonTOP facebook page.

Contest ends 19 August, 2013.

Good luck and Stay on TOP!
L. & Yancy