Friday, 2 August 2013

TOP Beauty : IPSA Pure Protect Cream Foundation EX Launch

TOP Beauty : IPSA Pure Protect Cream Foundation EX Launch
Available in 2nd September, 2013

Ipsa has always been the prime of the prime for Asian's skin foundations, so it really got people excited when they were launching a new foundation for f/w 2013. 

ipsa calling themselves a foundation house is an understatement!
Carefully listening to the pros talk about their new Foundation FX and it's loose powder.
L capturing Yancy trying out the products and completely ignoring her partner's whereabout! 
The new pure protect cream foundation EX has new AL Double Shield Technology, making it a cream base but also still comparatively very smooth. The Melting Fit Oil Temp. detecting formula, allows the skin and the foundation to bond closely together. I [Yancy] remember the foundation specialist telling me it's like when butter meets temperature, it melts and bonds with the pan! This foundation also comes in 6 different shades.

"the intelligent foundation, invisiblizing scars"
The new pure protect cream foundation EX
Last but not least, they have their new setting powder Pure Loose Powder EX1/EX2 that goes with the new foundation. EX1 is for oily skin more, and EX 2 is for drier skin.

Pure Loose Powder EX1/EX2

I [Yancy] would say it is trying to reach towards the Cle de Peau silky cream foundation (which is three times the price!) Ofcourse, I haven't truly tested it out to know if it's the real deal, but I think it is definitely a product to keep your eyes on! 

Pure Protection Cream Foundation EX SPF 15 6 colours HK$380
Pure Loose Powder EX 1 & EX 2, 15g, HK$360

Available in stores on 2nd September, 2013.

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