Friday, 25 April 2014

TOP Fashion: Cruciani bracelets & Giveaway

TOP Fashion: Interview with Luca Caprai, Founder of Cruciani & bracelets giveaway


The trend of "arm candy" has been bought up by international bloggers around the world a few years back, here with us we have Luca, the founder behind the chic, four-leaf clover lace bracelet, which has stolen many hearts of the rich and famous.

GOT ( What is your "arm candy" trying to sell?
Luca: People have their own style. I would like to create an affordable luxury which is culturally-adapted. I did a lot of marketing research to study the tradition, the belief and the history in every custom. For example, the Chinese welcomes the number 8 but not number 4. Thus, I will put these interesting findings in designing my bracelets so that it will mean something to the destinated group of people.

GOT: Talk me through the skills and technology involved in making the bracelets.
Luca: It is a merge between the old and the new. I use two opposite ways to produce my bracelets - Hand drawn pictures vs computerized graphics; handcrafted sewing vs 3D printing. It gives you the niche of a personalized design while keeping the cost affordable to all.

GOT: What was the inspiration behind the creation of the lace bracelets?
Luca: It was from an old, old tradition in Italy, where there were a lot of cravings for the pope in churches. The table cloth for special events could be worth up to 15, 000 euro and that was when I would like to use this luxurious lace material in my design.

GOT: I know that the designs of bracelets drew from unknown stories and recent events. Can you tell me one of the touching news or stories that hit you recently? And will you make a bracelet out of it?
Luca: A bracelet design is different from that of a clothing design. Bracelets are so small and detailed. Yet, I can create as many designs as I want from time to time. The World Champion in Brazil, Sakura blossom in Japan, Christmas in Italy and F1 car race all mean dearly to me. 
I would like to turn them into bracelet and make people remember those events.

PSY and his bow tie bracelet

GOT: There are quite a number of celebrities wearing your bracelets. Did you give it to them?
Luca: I don't know how Paris hilton or Beyonce got to know about our bracelets. They didn't request them from me. But I guess the bracelets carry a cultural importance that if you keep an open-mind, it is an eye-widening lesson for a worldside exploration to learn about others' culture. Therefore, my dream for now is to cooperate with worldwide artists and produce more of my favourite silver soft jewelry bracelet pieces.


Korean drama series “You who came from Stars” has been a big hit to sweep Hong Kong girls’ feet lately. Whatever the female leading actress JUN JI HYUN has used/touched/eaten, it has became a trend. You want to share a piece of her accessories? Do the following and win a FREE Bracelet --

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and tag two new friends which is as crazy about the drama as you!

Winner will be announced on facebook page. 

*Contest ends 11 May 2014
*We will be giving out 20 bracelets to 20 winners :)

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Friday, 28 March 2014

TOP Eats: Happy 10th Birthday HuTong! and FREE dinner & brunch giveaway

TOP Eats: Happy 10th Birthday HUTONG!

Having sat down with the Aqua team last week for their 10k dinner with all the medias, I've learnt that Hutong turns TEN this year! How have YOU grown since?
Hutong Hong Kong is now celebrating its 10th Anniversary and is inviting YOU for a chance to win a FREE dinner or Bunch!

Presenting unique offerings including a $1,000 per person celebration menu and the launch of 丰味Fēng Wèi their new Sunday Brunch.
Today with – TWO prizes are available for you and a friend to join either for dinner or brunch!  – here’s what you have to do:

1. ‘Like’ and Hutong Hong Kong facebook fanpage

2. Share the post publicly with caption ‘’ 生日快,Happy 10th Anniversary @Hutong Hong Kong! #Hutong10th’’ and leave comments on facebook page about your exact moment you felt  ‘ON TOP’ over the past 10 YEARS. EASY!  

3. Tag two friends who has been with you for the past 10 years and get them like us on facebook!

TWO winners will be announced on 11 APR, 2014 on Girl on TOP hk facebook page. 
Don’t forget to say Happy Birthday on Hutong’s page!

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Saturday, 22 March 2014

TOP Beauty : Empties Review - Lancome Genifique Yeux Light Pearl

TOP Beauty : Empties Review - Lancome Genifique Yeux Light Pearl

I have been Lancome's biggest fan since very young, and even though I have branched out using lots of different brands since started working, I always have one or two favourites from Lancome in my skincare/makeup collection. In the past year, I have used two to three bottles of this Lancome Genifique Yeux Light Pearl as my eye serum, and for me it has been the love of the year for eye serums!

This little bottle has a lot of products inside, and every morning and night I pair this with whichever eye cream that I'm using at that moment, but for me I like it's particular soothing effect on the eyes, because of the roller ball applicator, it's like giving a little massage to the eyes day and night. It is particularly effective when I have long working hours, it's extra soothing on those days. 

Here's a little video from Lancome on how to use it : 

Another reason why I love this eye serum so much, is because they use it in their eye-facial at Lancome Beauty Institute , it just shows how much it can do even the professionals at their own Lancome Beauty Institute use it on their clients.

If you have puffy eyes, tired eyes, this is the eye serum for you. I'm definitely repurchasing this after I finish all the new serums I have on hand.... (shopaholic problems...)

Repurchase rate : 5/5 

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Friday, 21 March 2014

TOP Beauty : Empties Review - Clarins Double Serum

TOP Beauty : Empties Review - Clarins Double Serum

I have been using this product for about 4+ months, day and night and now to the very last drop. The Clarins Double serum is a Hydric + Lipidic system, meaning two serums at once. I didnt study the science behind it, it is always the result at the end that makes you know if it has worth every penny of your money.

The Clarins Double Serum definitely did not disappoint me, I used it till it was down to the very last drop, and what I like about it was that it wasn't overtly thick, when you use it your skin absorbs it very quickly, and in the morning it's very nice cause you really feel it firming the skin.  After I finished using it, I found out it was awarded the Marie Claire Excellence Award 2013 for greater China, which proves many women in China agrees with me on it's miracle. 

It is Clarin's long term product and I'm sure I would be rethinking of it, but now, I think I need to move on to the whitening products and be prepared for summer :)

Repurchasing rate : 5/5

Have you found your perfect serum yet girls?
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Thursday, 20 March 2014

TOP Beauty : PHYTO Phytolaque Design Botanical Finishing Spray

PHYTO : Phytolaque Design Botanical Finishing Spray

Phyto, the botanical hair brand has came up with a new nature friendly hairspray! The brand believes deeply in the power of plants, and that your hair is a part of your body and you should use harmless  substances on it! The brand's founder, Patrick Ales is the inventor of the blow-dry, and he deeply believes that great products will help with the perfect hairstyles.

Phyto held an event at Airplay in Central,  with macaroons from sift for our tastebuds and also a dried flower/herb station for us to pack little scent bags home, reminding us how great it is to have something natural smelling around you, how nice!

I am a personal fan of the Phyto hair products for quite some time already, however I do buy it when I travel to Europe cause it isn't as popular in Hong Kong. The orange label one - Phytocitrus is my favourite,  I use it after I have my hair coloured to lock it all in. 

Phyto's International Education Manager, Jean talks to us a little bit about the brand, the products and the origins of the blow dry.

and here comes the star products of this event.
1) Phytodefrisant - Botanical Straightening Balm @ hkd220
2) Phytovolume Actif : Volumising Spray @hkd 250 
(which I have been using for quite a while too!!)
3) Phytokeratine : Repairing Thermal Protectant Spray @hkd 250
4) Phytolaque : Botanical Finishing Spray @hkd150 - the star star product of this event.

and with the help from the girls at Airplay and also the star products, see the results on Miss L and I yourself...

So what do you guys think? I am loving the PhytoKeratine the airplay girls use on me, look how raw looking my hair can be without it! 

P.S. Another thing I really like about the phyto products is that it doesn't have that weird disgusting herbal smell, i tried using another famous botanical hair brand before (you can ask me privately!) and my mom said my hair smells like old women's powder oil! 

Phyto is now for sale in many outlets, in Mannings, City Super, Watson, Sasa, JJ Cosmetics and Gentlemen's Tonic.

So are you yay or nay for botanical hair products?
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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

TOP Fashion: SS14 Agyness Deyn for Dr.Martens

TOP Fashion: SS14 Agyness Deyn for Dr.Martens

“It’s great to have the freedom to play in so many style camps with the Docs girl. 
I was obsessing over the euphoria of summer and found that Docs has roots all the way into the early Venice Beach hardcore scene.
The inspiration is extremely laid-back, low key beach rat.”

- Agyness Deyn, Top model


Now you’re talking British…and cool.

For the fourth time, these two British icons AGYNESS DEYN & DR. MARTENS have came together to create a range of boylish & stylish shoes and wardrobe to gear up your SS2014.

The inspiration for her fourth collection in collaboration with the brand comes from her new LA home, and the surf and punk scene from the late 70’s and 80’s.

And here comes my favourite --

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Monday, 17 March 2014

Cath Kidston s/s2014 x FEAST by EAST Hotel

Cath Kidston s/s2014 x FEAST by EAST Hotel

This year, Cath Kidston has brought us to the England seaside Brighton with their “Brighten up your day" s/s2014 collection, again hit with lots of colorful roses and patterns. For the special launch in HK, they have teamed up with Feast restaurant from East Hotel, for a special crossover afternoon tea collaboration. The afternoon tea minis are designed and made by the famous HK Wedding cake designer Penney Pang.

The s/s2014 collection itself, is broken up into 4 main collections.

British Seaside – Brighten up : a light blue vintage collection with Pembridge Roses and Westbourne Roses.

New Blooms – Field Rose Florals : use the form of berry tone field roses as base, with a white and navy background. Good for everyday uses.

Homely Appeal – Patchwork Pretty : patchwork, button spots aka podka dot, brings a light spring feeling.

Summer Prints – Aubrey Adventures : a much more vibrant based collection, with huge Aubrey roses and a little safari pattern. (on left)

There is one setup that I particularly like, which is the beach side setup. I think this collection mainly has Summer Safari prints and a little of their classic Field Roses print, just look at that set! Bet you would want to go for picnics everyday!

The cross over afternoon tea party will be held from 24/March to 18 May, and using the “brighten up your day” theme, do expect many delicious floral cupcakes and patisseries. Each tea set will be set at 118hkd for two, and each guest will get a Cath Kidston rose handcreme and discount card with the package.

and also some really cute baby Cath Kidston items worth checking out..


So yay or nay girls? ready for florals?

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