Thursday, 20 March 2014

TOP Beauty : PHYTO Phytolaque Design Botanical Finishing Spray

PHYTO : Phytolaque Design Botanical Finishing Spray

Phyto, the botanical hair brand has came up with a new nature friendly hairspray! The brand believes deeply in the power of plants, and that your hair is a part of your body and you should use harmless  substances on it! The brand's founder, Patrick Ales is the inventor of the blow-dry, and he deeply believes that great products will help with the perfect hairstyles.

Phyto held an event at Airplay in Central,  with macaroons from sift for our tastebuds and also a dried flower/herb station for us to pack little scent bags home, reminding us how great it is to have something natural smelling around you, how nice!

I am a personal fan of the Phyto hair products for quite some time already, however I do buy it when I travel to Europe cause it isn't as popular in Hong Kong. The orange label one - Phytocitrus is my favourite,  I use it after I have my hair coloured to lock it all in. 

Phyto's International Education Manager, Jean talks to us a little bit about the brand, the products and the origins of the blow dry.

and here comes the star products of this event.
1) Phytodefrisant - Botanical Straightening Balm @ hkd220
2) Phytovolume Actif : Volumising Spray @hkd 250 
(which I have been using for quite a while too!!)
3) Phytokeratine : Repairing Thermal Protectant Spray @hkd 250
4) Phytolaque : Botanical Finishing Spray @hkd150 - the star star product of this event.

and with the help from the girls at Airplay and also the star products, see the results on Miss L and I yourself...

So what do you guys think? I am loving the PhytoKeratine the airplay girls use on me, look how raw looking my hair can be without it! 

P.S. Another thing I really like about the phyto products is that it doesn't have that weird disgusting herbal smell, i tried using another famous botanical hair brand before (you can ask me privately!) and my mom said my hair smells like old women's powder oil! 

Phyto is now for sale in many outlets, in Mannings, City Super, Watson, Sasa, JJ Cosmetics and Gentlemen's Tonic.

So are you yay or nay for botanical hair products?
Stay on TOP!

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