Thursday, 27 February 2014

TOP Fashion : Pedder Red 2014 x Marta Grossi Banana Graffiti Exhibition

TOP Fashion : Pedder Red 2014 x Marta Grossi Banana Graffiti Exhibition 

Last week, I went to Pedder Red's ss2014 launch, what was interesting was that they teamed up with banana graffiti artist Marta Grossi to present the shoes, and my god was the room going bababa-nanana like minions singing!

This season Pedder Red has invited italian designer Marta Grossi to design some bananas and also to style the shoot of this season's shoes. Each season, Pedder Red invites different designers and artists to collaborate to bring more fun to their presentation.

This season, Pedder Red has 4 different streams from the main collection, the "exotic contortions", "strap act", " walk the line" and "peekaboo magic", they also have "roll up" as their special cross over collection. 

The stripes collection, known as "Walk the line" is a basic black and white themed collection, with easy slip ons for everyday use.

The "strap act" is another one of my favourite, cause it means the gladiator heel is back!

The banana graffiti collection itself involves a banana decorated by Marta Grossi (maximum 3 days storage according to the sign), and paired with a shoe she feels matches together. The whole package is styled by Marta Grossi herself.

The "exotic contortions" have some really nice cute clutch! I don't know about those clown flats tho..

Hope you have enjoyed my little snaps from the exhibition! do check out their shoes at Pedder Red this season if you're in the mood for some circus fun!

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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

TOP Beauty : John Masters Organics 2014 product launch

TOP Beauty : John Masters Organics 2014 product launch

John Masters Organics, a well known organics brand that's for sale in the big department stores like Lane Crawford, Harvey Nichols etc, the launch has a few sections, a gallery, an experience zone and a freshness corner. 

The experience zone has all the products of the line, also hairstylists and product specialists that go through product by product with you.

Here is the range, the three new targeted products are the Spearmint & meadowsweet scalp stimulating shampoo($275/236ml) ; the green tea & calendula leave in conditioning mist ($335/59ml)  ; deep scalp purifying serum. ($400/125ml)  The range focuses on Cleanse, Treat and Stimulate, a three step process for good hair. 

I like sniffing stuff, as you can tell.... :)

The products were beautifully displayed in the gallery, with plants and wood. There is a good master tip from that day, the Spearmint & meadowsweet scalp stimulating shampoo($275/236ml) can be used in a few ways - for daily cleanse it can be used to activate head scalp activity, for deep treatment use two to three times a week just for a deep cleanse, and for every half year treatment, use it in april and september, and also the weeks when hormone changes during the month, when hair loss increases :) 

In the gallery,  the illustrator drew pictures of guests, here's mine!

and for Freshness Corner, we get to enjoy organic veggie salads and green tea roll cake!  It was a very nice touch to have some organic freshness bought to the table, and also just to remind us how many different ways we can live our life organically!

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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

TOP Beauty : Clinique Whitening Line 2014

TOP Beauty : Clinique Whitening Line/ New Products for  2014

The beauty world has been buzzing with exciting new products ever since after CNY, and girlsontop is back and active to try new things out! Last week, we went to the Clinique Launch for this year's exciting new whitening line and also some very floral makeup products. 

The new whitening line has 4 updated products, the big new seller for this event is Clinique Even Better Essence Lotion ($330/100ml), then there's the Even Better Brightening Moisture Cream Plus ($290/50ml), the Even Better Brightening Moisture Mask ($380/100ml) and lastly my favourite, the Even Better Dark Spot Defence ($300/30ml).

Another new product is Clinique's perfume Calyx, it has a nice grapefruit scent which is quite perfect and spring like, very mood boosting i must say. ($450/50ml and $610/100ml)

Flower cotton candy at the event!

The inside was decorated with all white flowers, hydrengeas to be more exact, and gives a really nice floral accent to the atmosphere.

The star product : Clinique Even Better Essence Lotion Concentrate, there's two, one for dry to very dry skin, one for normal skin. It promises with four weeks use it will brighten up your skin, I tested it it feels quite light, like a normal toner, but I do believe it takes a lot of consistency to get it working.

The event was great with petit savoury food and lots of girls time to try products.  Look at my happy face!

Last but not least, makeup range is visibly floral and spring, the cheek pop blushes ($180) have indention of flowers, and the colours are very light and easy to wear. but what I like more, is the presentation ....

How can anyone resist such floral presentation? I'm not sure about the shocking light blue eyeshadow, but blushes.. yes!

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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

TOP Giveaway: Celebrate your sweet Valentine's with & Tivo - a Free dinner giveaway!

TOP Giveaway: Celebrate your sweet Valentine's with & Tivo

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Thursday, 6 February 2014

TOP Fashion: Yoga-chic!

TOP Fashion: Yoga-chic!

Miss L and I had the opportunity to go to a yoga class today and experience a new yoga clothing brand called "A day with Fe". We had a yoga class in Sheung Wan on this beautiful sunny day, and my god our balance is way off after the holidays! A day with Fe is a brand by a lovely mom called Fe, who used to have a very stressful life until she became a yogi, and then she realised yoga clothes are either too athletic looking or too "ritual" looking to be worn daily, so she did her own version instead!

During the class, we wore her Ambre Black Tank top and these lovely Luxe leggings (click to find out more about it), L had Lucky green and i opt for a subtle taupe. What I love about these leggins is that they're very flattering, L and I have different body shape, size and height, and look at both of our legs! 

The catalogue of the brand is covered by a big HK map, which has points marked on how a day with Fe would be like, it shows where she will have her morning walk, her lunch etc, which is quite cool to know how a yoga clothing designer lives. 

Another piece that I very much adore is this Ballerina inspired short coverup, its called the Orientale and the fabric is very skin hugging but soft at the same time, it's a perfect post work-out coverup.

Last but not least, a photo with Fe. In this picture I'm wearing one of the tube dresses from her resort line the Humeur which is a sllky flowy maxi dress but with a little bit of edge, the print is not just floral but...

Sunglasses, lunch box and converse! cool right?

A day with Fe is now currently an e-shop, but they will have their first showroom in Hollywood Road in March, 2014. Fe was so kind to give our readers a 15% off coupon code to shop on , just remember to use this code ADWF15GIRLSOT at check out.

Hope you girls will enjoy it!

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