Saturday, 27 July 2013

TOP Beauty : Combat Hot & Rainy Weather Essentials (Base Edition)

TOP Beauty : Combat Hot & Rainy Weather Essentials (Base Edition)

If you have been following, you would probably have read our contouring in humid weather.
Today, I'm going to give some tips on the base/primers that can make your makeup STAY.

I tested this product combination on Wednesday when I was presenting at the HK Football Stadium for the Barclays Asia Trophy, so I testify that this combo works on normal to dry skin!
It was 30 degrees on Wednesday, I was in and out of the air-conditioning, and it was also raining directly onto my face. Let me guide you through it :D
bobbi brown sunscreen - benefit stay flawless 15 hours primer - estee lauder matte perfecting primer - nars pro prime smudge proof eyeshadow base - model in a bottle make up setting spray matte finish

Step 1 : Sunscreen - It is very important to put on a nice, soft, non-sticky sunscreen. Little do many people know that the amount of sunscreen and the texture of the sunscreen is very important and it changes the look of your makeup drastically.
A light, milky texture is what I prefer on hot summer days, as it doesn't clog up your pores and also let your skin breath, it also looks a lot lighter overall. It is important to only use about one pea size amount for the entire face (in this bobbi brown sunscreen, one exact pump is enough) because if you use too much, your skin colour will turn very white and it affects the foundation colour too. SPF now goes up to PA ++++  (4+'s), so a higher one would be more efficient in skin protection. (i'm trying hard to finish my 2+'s sunscreen desperately!) The ++++ definition is a whole new chapter.
this was about 4 hours in my makeup, and lots of running around HK Stadium (in long sleeve jacket and pants too!)

Step 2 : Prime your face - Here I've focused on two different kinds of primer, one is in stick form (benefit), and one is in cream form (estee lauder.) Some people apply primers all over their face, I find that unnecessary for my skin so I recommend to only apply to where needed.
For me, this is the T-Zone and around the nose area. Like always, little goes a long way, do NOT over-prime as this will clog you up and also block your foundation from looking smooth. A primer can do two things, one is to make your skin look silky, the other is to make it stay very long lasting. Both of these products I highly recommend as it does wonders in these two categories.

this was just before the match start, so about 7 hours in my makeup, (interviewing John Dykes! yippee!) you can see how strong the sun is!

Step 3 : Eyelid primer - eyelids, are always on a whole different chapter. You have separate eye cream that's why you also have a seperate eyelid primer! The skin around your eyes are much more sensitive and thin, at the same time it is also surrounded by tear ducts and sweat glands, therefore that's the area where things fade the easiest. Some people say they use concealer or foundation as a primer for eyes, I find that it doesn't stay as long. Like always, a little goes a long way, just a dab from the Nars wand will be enough for one eye. One thing to note is that after putting on your primer, do finish your eye make up continuously, don't just leave it hanging there waiting cause it does decrease the staying power.   

and this is how my face looked on screen, about 10 hours in my makeup. still looking fresh and smudge free!

Step 4 : Setting Spray - Setting Spray seems to be targetted for professionals in the Hong Kong market, but in America and Europe, it is well known and well used already. This Model in a Bottle makeup setting spray is something I got from a US website, and it has been recommended by many super models worldwide. I do love this spray, as the setting finish is amazing, but it smells like strong hard liquor! Instead of directly spritz-ing it on the face directly, I find it best to spray on hands and pat on your face when it's wet. This setting spray smells unpleasant for the first 30 seconds, but it keeps you staying pretty, I guarantee it!
Throughout the day I only used tissue to take off my obvious sweat, and maybe touchup twice with loose powder under my eyes. Overall, I call it a very successful combo! 

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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

TOP Fashion: J.E.W.D. statement jacket

TOP Fashion: J.E.W.D. statement jacket

"At some point you will dislike your job,
At certain point you will have some low time;
That is not the end,
That is your turning point,
and it happned for us 7-8 years ago."
- Julio the designer; Edwin the producer;
Terry the PR and accessories designer, J.E.W.D

Jesus - Eternity - Worship - Darah

One of the reasons why L started this blog is to support local brands,
learn more about them, and see what we can do together,
to make the world a better place.
And we invite you, to hop on this journey with us.
This time, with J.E.W.D, broadcasting live, at their studio.

Timeless fashion to bring out Christianity

"This brand is a kind of self therapy for us,
it brings positivity.
We want to use this brand to change our lives,
as well as others' lives.
Clothing is just the commercial stepping stone."

Creative channel to spread out hymns

"We want to bring real happiness through mental inspiration as well.
In the future, we want to develop into different collaborations, books, wine, toys...
so that all can have a chance to meet god in a new way."

Designer Julio's belief  -  the existence of parallel universe
 "I believe that each amazing thing has two sides --
-- Spiritual and Earthy -- God and fashion --
The two worlds must balance so that something magical can be made."

Worship, Rock n' Roll Style

"You say my clothings are on the dark side and contradict God?I'd say my design is just futuristic.
I want to transport my wearer through time space,
like star trek,
you see people slide through layers and sent to a different world,
that’s my interpretation of time space with lots of lines in my work."

Local Hong Kong brand that did not go localized

"At first our clothes are more accepted in Europe than in HK.
Because people are lacking creativity from heart here.
I can't really see anyone wearing something strong like a statement jacket."

"But after Vogue, Elle, GQ all came to our event at Paris Fashion week,
we received drastic difference in the amount of feedback.
HK Showroom are suddenly interested in us."

"Ultimately, we want to use LVMH as a blueprint,
inspire fresh grads to mentor their own brands,
slowly turn it into a fashion group.
We don’t know how long it will take,
but we hope it will happen one day (and asap)."
these are two jackets

 -- Make me a channel of your peace (piece) -- 
Stay on TOP,
L. & Yancy

Monday, 22 July 2013

TOP Beauty : How to depot your MAC eyeshadows

TOP Beauty : How to depot your MAC eyeshadows
This is going to be a photo by photo tutorial.
The reason why I've decided to depot my MAC eyeshadows is because it is incredibly hard to find through the clutter,
and it would just be easier if everything was in one palette, and also looks more professional :)

Step 1 : Find any kind of flat surface tool.
I'm using a foundation mixer here, other alternatives can be end of a flat hair clip, tweezers, cosmetic scissors, etc.
Do not use a knife, it is way too dangerous!!
Fit your tool in between the little ridge (shown above) and start wiggling, wiggle and push in at the same time.
Some eyeshadows depot a lot faster than others, some will take some time.
You do not need to use a lot of force for this step,
patience is the key.

Step 2: After you've wiggled it out, it should look something like this.
All 6 of these eyeshadows took me less than 5 minutes.  


Step 3 : Take a flat iron, and a piece of parchment paper (baking paper/ cooking sheet), and put the eyeshadow on it to melt the glue at the bottom.
Keep checking every few seconds so it doesn't over-melt,
the whole process should take less than 15 seconds (at 200C)


Step 4 : you should have a little small ring in the center after the process,
gently let it rest for a few seconds because it's extremely hot!

Step 5 : using pointed tweezers or cosmetic scissors,
poke through the soft ring gently,
be sure you keep the eyeshadow on the paper while you poke,
so you don't damage the eyeshadow when it falls out. (from falling impact)


Step 6 : gently push the silver pan out of the black casing with tweezers or scissors,
DO NOT use your hands as the pan would be very hot. 

Step 7: Let it to rest briefly and your eye shadow is good to go.
You can choose to take the name sticker from the bottom of the pot with step 3 and peel gently.

Do remember to keep the pots and take it back to MAC, as 6 empty containers can get you a lipstick/lipgloss/eyeshadow.
You can easily pop this eye shadow into the pro-palette now!

Stay on TOP,

Friday, 19 July 2013

TOP Giveaway: Shu Uemura x Girls on TOP x Icy Wong

TOP Giveaway: Shu Uemura x Girls on TOP x Icy Wong

Icy Wong -  Now TV artiste, one of the TOP in weather-broadcast history in HK.
A great mentor and the perfect person to cure disastrous moments,
and a sister to Yancy.

TOP girls: What is your beauty ritual?
Icy : I always drink a cup of something in the morning.
For instance: Apple cider x honey to keep fit;
barley water for bloating;
evening primrose oil and fish oil when girls feel weak once a month.
I drink a glass every morning, and I've had this ritual for about 5 years now. 

Every time I go home, my mom does two things for me, too -  Egg white/honey x pearl powder mask; 
and grows her own aloe vera and use it on my face!

TOP girls: What would you say if your biggest beauty problem?
Icy: I can bloat very easily, so I bought a lot of machines.
Ionic machines, RF machines, platinum rolling rods etc...
but I am not good at being persistent, I use it twice a month max. I think I should work harder after talking to you.

TOP girls: Any favourite facial brand?

Icy : Beauty is my must have.
They have caviar facial, but I like chitosan facial the most.
It's a simple, calming facial but has enough nutrients to give immediate glowing effect.

It is like my emergency SOS facial, it does wonders!
I like to go between jobs and if I'm free, I will do it at least once a week.
At home, I use overnight sleeping mask instead of paper masks, I'm quite lazy :)

TOP girls: Tell me one product you cannot live without?
Icy : I am all about moisturizers.
I feel like that if your skin is moisturized you can work wonders on it.
I have different
moisturizers at home:
Creme de La Mer, Nars Aqua Gel, Shu Uemura's Deepsea Hydrability Essence, Vichy Cream etc.
Moisturizers are everywhere around my house, actually in every corner!

see how many Shu products Icy has in her makeup bag! 4 out of 11! :D
TOP girls: Any beauty-related activities you do in leisure?
Icy: I like to study calories and nutrients.
Your body is the result of what you consume.
I used to have this sheet of paper with all the calories of different kinds of food on it but now it's all in my brain already.

I love to eat and I still eat whatever I crave, but I just pick the healthier version on the menu. I also like to drink Tense Up from Fancl which gives me a boost of collagen.
Water, is also a basic ingredient for good health, too.

TOP girls: 5 items to bring to a desert island. 
1. cleansing wipes, I need to stay clean!
2. moisturizer
3. concealer/ foundation
(but no one is in the island, Icy!? - she laughed)
4. brow pencil
(she said just in case there is another prince in the desert island.. wakaka)
5. 2 in 1 shampoo/hair conditioner/body wash
(that's...3 things, Icy...)

now you know, Icy is really keen on staying clean! :D
TOP girls: Last but not least, your makeup belief.
Is there something that you are super picky about?
Icy : A flawless foundation is a must.
I think many makeup artists can make people pretty with the perfect brows and nice eye makeup,
but for me, a flawless foundation is the key.

It needs to have super staying power and it won't oxidize or change colour.
If the foundation is not good, nothing else matters.

That leads to...our free giveaway!!
Shu Uemura has partnered with Girls on TOP to give out
30 full-sized face architect liquid foundation
for our lovely readers!! 

we have 12 bottles of #354 (lighter) and 18 bottles of #744 (darker) to give out, 30 in total!
Here's what you need to do!

1) Like us on Facebook 
2) Share this post on your Facebook publicly and write:
"I want free Shu Uemura foundation from Girls on TOP!"
3) Leave a comment here or on fb and tell us how you apply your foundation. - by hand, by sponge, by brush and your preferred colour (#354 or #744)

Winners will receive Girls on TOP private fb message.
Contest ends 29 July, 2013.

Good luck and Stay on TOP!
L. & Yancy

Thursday, 18 July 2013

TOP Celeb: Rosemary's beauty secrets

TOP Celeb: Rosemary's beauty secrets

“Your spoiled taste buds are just like the pile of dirty dishes.
You have to clean it every week, 
so that you can have a weekly fresh start,
for your system and your skin.”
- Rosemary Vandenbroucke, Hong Kong fashion model & actress

Rosemary's beauty rituals 
 You are what you eat. 
You have to be very conscious of what you put into your body. 
After studying nutrition, 
 I recommend a juice-cleanse once a week, 
and it should be kept as green as possible. 
Then your skin will stay fresh.

Rosemary's three daily beauty routines
1. SPF!
2. A body skin brush that I use to exfoliate everyday.
 3. Night cream/ eye mask – currently loving Lancome Absolute line, for firming and glow

Rosemary's makeup basics
I like to use a light foundation.
My favourite? Giorgio Armani's luminous skin foundation.
It is very light and silky.

Rosemary's tips on feet care
I am very athletic and I lost two of my toe nails once, it's not the prettiest sight. 
That's why before every event, I will get a proper pedicure. 
I like doing gel nails temporarily, but not all the time because they are not healthy for your nails . 
Paraffin wax is also a very nice treatment for your feet, too.

Top 5 things to bring to a deserted island
(Rosemary : Does the desert have water?
Yancy : Yes, let's have water, to make our life easier.)
 1. SPF
2. Polarize Sunglasses
3. Lip balm
(Can I bring my credit card? /where are you going to use it, Rosemary?)
4. Body Cleanser
5. Tweezers

Stay on TOP,
L. & Yancy

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

TOP Outfits : "Outfit on the Queen" (ep2)

TOP Outfits : "Outfit on the Queen" (ep2)

On this episode, I was representing a more "boyish look" 
so even though I have thick long red hair, and quite a girly featured face, 
they turned it around to make me look cool and manly! 
(even though they told me to act cool... 
you could tell that it didn't really work out towards the last pictures.. :D)

see! it really is Ricky and Franco working on me! 
They are not just mysterious names on magazines!
they told me to give a cool look, a boyish CHOK, 
now look at my failed attempt.
Cathy (our guest) and I! 
See, even if you're dressed boyishly, you can still bring out the girly sunny side of you!
Outfit details : shirt (maje)/ pants (phiilip lim 3.1)/ jacket (men's jacket, took it off ricky's back!)/ shoes (Valentino)/ arm candy (ricky got it back from paris) necklace (mango)

Styling by Ricky Kwok, Hair by Franco Hung, Make up by Annie G Chan

and like always, here's a little teaser of our show, enjoy!

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Sunday, 14 July 2013

TOP Event : girlsonTOP exclusive interview with Queenie Chan [Part 2]

TOP Event : girlsonTOP exclusive interview with Queenie Chan [Part 2]

We have received awesome click rate on our GirlsonTOP chat with the first-tier blogger Ms. Queenie Chan,
if you haven't seen it click 

From blogger to blogger, beauty maniac to another,
Queenie has shared with us her ups and downs whole-heartedly.

Now, hurry into our one-on-one interview with QQ part 2!

TOP girls: In Queen's wonderland, is there something/ some showcase
you want people to look into it cause it means a lot to you?
Queenie: Everyone looks at QQ’s wonderland differently.
 Some will be WoW-ed, take pictures and leave,
but I hope some will be inspired and transform into their own ideas from there.
Take your time to look at everything, for example my “thousand-hand tree” Barbie sets.
It is best to illustrate my creativity, how I turn ordinary things extraordinary.
I want you guys to look at my handcraft, paintings & sculptures, too! 

These are evidence of how I spent time alone in melancholy.
 Many people cure their loneliness or boredom with social gathering and night-outs.
I choose to sink into the imaginary art world, and turn my dreams into reality.


TOP girls: What is the biggest thing you want to deliver through QQ's wonderland?
Queenie: I hope people can be the child at heart, like myself.
 In the materialistic society, values are distorted and everything seems complicated.
Pure happiness like a kid in the candy shop is forgotten. 

Without money, you can still turn things around and make it pretty - like old shoes as pots for plants;
water pipe as candle holder from LC(Lane Crawford?); abalone shells as art.
Your life can be fancy without spending a lot.
Everyone can be "Everyday Queen" as shown in my blog.

TOP girls: Looks like you've turned the whole place around! How long did it take? 
Was there something that you wish you could have done but haven't found the opportunity to place in Queen's wonderland?
Queenie: About a month! From contact to brainstorm to putting it together.
It was a rush, but Miramar team was very good at putting it together.
I haven’t exactly turned the whole place around due to some circumstances, but the mall has already been very “Wong Tai Sin” to me.
I prayed for certain things in QQ’s Wonderland - I wanted this gigantic perfume bottle water tank filled with jellyfish and tropical fishes,
but due to time and health and safety issue we couldn’t do that.
I also wanted Supersized Lipstick Lamp and Heels Chair,
but I think we might have to wait for it to happen next time!

TOP girls: QQ's wonderland hosts six different parties on 6 days, which one is your favourite?
Queenie: This is a difficult question, it's like asking me which fruit I love the most.
I love everything! So far, “fu mask” (doing mask) is the first opening party
and we did have a great start with fantastic atmosphere.
I think all my parties are going to be amazing, each with its own character. 

Of course, I look forward to the Finale party – pillow fight!
 Imagine having tones of feathers flying from the ceiling of a shopping mall!
Not a lot of the shopping malls have the flexibility to allow such messy-yet-fun happenings.

Stay on TOP!
L. & Yancy

Saturday, 13 July 2013

TOP Beauty : Jill Stuart Makeup S/S 2013

TOP Beauty : Jill Stuart Makeup S/S 2013

L and I are always very happy when we receive makeup for review (who doesn't?)
This weekend, I want to share with you all what Jill Stuart has sent us. 

The 5 products below are from Jill Stuart's current collection,
S/S 2013, aka, the princess makeup.
It has always arrived in a very graceful manner,
with soft pink packaging and Swarovski element crystals in their product box.

the princess treatment!
and tada! These are the products we received:
a mix blush compact, a layer blush compact, jelly lip gloss, velvet eyes and nail lacquer.

I have to admit I had a confused moment when Jill Stuart sent me two blushes that look so similar yet different.
I thought they were from the same range (four squares) but different colour..
At first I thought it was a mistake but L assured me it was correct,
so i did a little study and testing and found out the difference between the products.... 

Mix blush compact vs layer blush compact

I think the mixed blush compact is a little lighter and little fainty looking.
It is much softer than the layer blush compact and also a little bit towards the matte side.
It still carries a lot of shine, but it is more subtle. 

Mix Blush Compact

The layer blush compact goes on a little more creamy,
the application is still like a normal powder blush
but the texture is less powder-y when it's on.
It carries a lot more shimmer too.
(and i tried really hard to swatch it but just not showing much in the pictures!)

Layer Blush Compact 05 eternal femininity (limited edition colour)
The velvet eyes palette is quite different from what i expect from Jill Stuart.
In my mind everything is very pale and nude with Jill,
but this one surprises me with a dark brown eye shadow color. 

The pigments are all shiny, so it may not be right for all eyes.
It would be better if they mixed two matte + two shiny,
but i guess that's where the matte palette comes in!
(and make people buy more...!!)

The change from all nudes and pinks to hitting a dark brown for spring is big step up from the normal Jill Stuart, which i'm lovin'! 

I was quite anticipated to test the lip gloss,
as my first-ever-long-time-ago Jill Stuart lip gloss was kind of a disappointment.
It was very runny and it did not have much staying power.
But after so many years, I think they have improved the formula as this one stayed really well on my hand and lips when swatching, clap clap!

Stay on TOP! (and have a princess weekend!)