Saturday, 13 July 2013

TOP Beauty : Jill Stuart Makeup S/S 2013

TOP Beauty : Jill Stuart Makeup S/S 2013

L and I are always very happy when we receive makeup for review (who doesn't?)
This weekend, I want to share with you all what Jill Stuart has sent us. 

The 5 products below are from Jill Stuart's current collection,
S/S 2013, aka, the princess makeup.
It has always arrived in a very graceful manner,
with soft pink packaging and Swarovski element crystals in their product box.

the princess treatment!
and tada! These are the products we received:
a mix blush compact, a layer blush compact, jelly lip gloss, velvet eyes and nail lacquer.

I have to admit I had a confused moment when Jill Stuart sent me two blushes that look so similar yet different.
I thought they were from the same range (four squares) but different colour..
At first I thought it was a mistake but L assured me it was correct,
so i did a little study and testing and found out the difference between the products.... 

Mix blush compact vs layer blush compact

I think the mixed blush compact is a little lighter and little fainty looking.
It is much softer than the layer blush compact and also a little bit towards the matte side.
It still carries a lot of shine, but it is more subtle. 

Mix Blush Compact

The layer blush compact goes on a little more creamy,
the application is still like a normal powder blush
but the texture is less powder-y when it's on.
It carries a lot more shimmer too.
(and i tried really hard to swatch it but just not showing much in the pictures!)

Layer Blush Compact 05 eternal femininity (limited edition colour)
The velvet eyes palette is quite different from what i expect from Jill Stuart.
In my mind everything is very pale and nude with Jill,
but this one surprises me with a dark brown eye shadow color. 

The pigments are all shiny, so it may not be right for all eyes.
It would be better if they mixed two matte + two shiny,
but i guess that's where the matte palette comes in!
(and make people buy more...!!)

The change from all nudes and pinks to hitting a dark brown for spring is big step up from the normal Jill Stuart, which i'm lovin'! 

I was quite anticipated to test the lip gloss,
as my first-ever-long-time-ago Jill Stuart lip gloss was kind of a disappointment.
It was very runny and it did not have much staying power.
But after so many years, I think they have improved the formula as this one stayed really well on my hand and lips when swatching, clap clap!

Stay on TOP! (and have a princess weekend!)

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  1. 我之前都買左個胭脂呀,買左偏橙色!!
    lip gloss我都有買呀,不過係另一個款,勁鐘意呀,搽完冇唇紋好靚!!!