Thursday, 6 February 2014

TOP Fashion: Yoga-chic!

TOP Fashion: Yoga-chic!

Miss L and I had the opportunity to go to a yoga class today and experience a new yoga clothing brand called "A day with Fe". We had a yoga class in Sheung Wan on this beautiful sunny day, and my god our balance is way off after the holidays! A day with Fe is a brand by a lovely mom called Fe, who used to have a very stressful life until she became a yogi, and then she realised yoga clothes are either too athletic looking or too "ritual" looking to be worn daily, so she did her own version instead!

During the class, we wore her Ambre Black Tank top and these lovely Luxe leggings (click to find out more about it), L had Lucky green and i opt for a subtle taupe. What I love about these leggins is that they're very flattering, L and I have different body shape, size and height, and look at both of our legs! 

The catalogue of the brand is covered by a big HK map, which has points marked on how a day with Fe would be like, it shows where she will have her morning walk, her lunch etc, which is quite cool to know how a yoga clothing designer lives. 

Another piece that I very much adore is this Ballerina inspired short coverup, its called the Orientale and the fabric is very skin hugging but soft at the same time, it's a perfect post work-out coverup.

Last but not least, a photo with Fe. In this picture I'm wearing one of the tube dresses from her resort line the Humeur which is a sllky flowy maxi dress but with a little bit of edge, the print is not just floral but...

Sunglasses, lunch box and converse! cool right?

A day with Fe is now currently an e-shop, but they will have their first showroom in Hollywood Road in March, 2014. Fe was so kind to give our readers a 15% off coupon code to shop on , just remember to use this code ADWF15GIRLSOT at check out.

Hope you girls will enjoy it!

Stay on TOP! (and practice your balance...)


  1. thanks for the code and great review! Did you find the tops very thin and/or figure hugging? I'm considering buying a top from this brand for bikram yoga but am worried that it would accentuate all my bulges... >___<

    1. Hi Wenlin,

      The tops are thin, but surprisingly not overtly body hugging to the point where ever things shows. I have a bit of the same issue but I find that I could get along with this just fine! Another one that I personally loved is this one as it is a halter neck so it kinda pulls everything upwards! Check it out and see if you like it:)

      P.S. I am LOVING the leggings, no joke. definitely recommended it!