Friday, 11 October 2013

TOP Eats: Aqua launches ‘Sunset By The Harbour’ early dinner menu (and free dinner here!)

TOP Eats: Aqua launches ‘Sunset By The Harbour’ early dinner menu

Aqua Aqua Aqua, the luxurious hangout place with friends when I was in high school,
offers a two/three-course early dinner menu now.
The ‘Sunset Dinner Menu’ features some award-winning Italian and Japanese dishes in the house.
My dinner started off well with the very condensed Tomato Soup which the garlic crouton was the star.
It was crisp, well-seasoned and flavorful to accompany the soup.
You may also try the rocket salad or deep fried Tofu if you’re not a big fan of hot liquid to start your meal.

Chilean cod fillet glazed with caramelized orange zest

Moving on to the main course we had the very moist Cod Fish.
Yes, cod is known to have soft and delicate flesh but I wonder how the chef made it to be extra melty in your mouth. 

tagliolini tossed with clams, lemon confit and dried olives

If you are a meat-lover, go ahead for the beef cheek.
It is not the melt-in-your-mouth kinda protein because u can still identify floss of meat from each other, but it was definitely tender and mouth-watering.  

One thing we have to say is that the weak link in the dishes was the sauce. They were thick and a little bit overpowering. That’s why we were glad to flush the savory sauce down the throat with the drinks. They've designed a couple sunset cocktail drinks, which, are not meant to be paired with the dinner menu, but to enjoy it with, well obviously, the sun set.

This sunset menu is available for bookings made between 6 and 6:30pm, with dessert served at 8pm when the light show is on. But if you ask me, Hong Kong night view is considered one of the best regardless of the light show anyway, so what’s good about the menu and the drinks is the very reasonable price. There are less and less places offering a dinner set around $300HKD and drinks with 3 canapes at $100HKD with a dazzling panorama harbor and skyline view like this.


And the big question for today is - how long ago you (or have you ever) got off work at 6pm?
This could be the BIG excuse to call it a day and chill with your bestie,
because Girl on TOP x Aqua is offering a free dinner for two right here, right now.

Here's what you need to do:

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"I want free Aqua dinner from Girls on!!!"

3) Leave a comment here or on fb and tag the friend(s) you want to bring, and how you guys can escape work early to enjoy the meal?

Winner will be announced on GirlsonTOP facebook page.

*Contest ends 20 October 2013

Happy Friday Folks!

Stay on TOP, 

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